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American Classics reproduce craftsmanship of the past

by Tom Grimes

Although the pieces in the American Classic Reproductions Collection stem from an American, not Amish, woodworking tradition, the quality of craftsmanship more than justifies their inclusion for sale. These pieces are investments that will endure the test of time. They are heirloom quality, and with proper care, will be enjoyed for generations to come.

One need only take a cursory look at this furniture before their elegant construction becomes clear. Each piece is individually made using almost exclusively traditional practices. The three-wood construction and deep-carved seats are representative of the past, when craftsmen built furniture one piece at a time. The Windsor Rocking chairs are made without screws, nails or metal. The chair's pieces are hammered into grooves and set in place using glue, just as in the 1700s.

Dinner tables in this collection are constructed with an equal amount of care. Each drawer is dovetailed, including a solid wood bottom with chamfered edges. The legs are cut and tapered in-house, one at a time and, much the same as America's craftsmen of old, the breadboard ends are allowed enough space to accommodate the settling of the wood.

1/23/2017 7:52:45 PM