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Craft the ultimate sectional masterpiece for your living room today! Customize the layout of your sectional to fit your family's needs, and rest assured that it will withstand all that life throws at it due to authentic American craftsmanship.

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Custom Sectional Styles

With tons of standard layouts, and endless customizable layouts - we're sure you'll find a sectional sofa that fits your space perfectly. That's the beauty of a sectional - the ability to pick and choose your components and create a masterpiece you'll use for years to come.

All sectionals list overall dimensions and inside dimensions to make it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your home. Give us a call at 1-941-867-2233 for complex sectional customizations. More than likely, we can make your dream come true. However, it will probably require a knowledgeable and friendly sales associate to make sure you receive the correct layout and pricing for your customized sectional.

Layouts for Lazy Days

As you're browsing through our large variety of American made sectionals, one important thing to note is how the left and right layouts work. When you see things such as "left arm sofa" or "right arm loveseat", these are referring to the layout of the sectional when you're facing it, not when sitting down on it. So, if you're looking for a sectional with a chaise lounge on the left side, when facing the sectional, you'd need a "left arm chaise".

Let's cover a couple of the most popular layouts for our American made sectionals:

  • Standard Sectional Sofa - This first option is more of a hybrid between a sofa and sectional, as it typically includes a sofa and a chaise lounge on the end. The sofa is missing an arm on one side to seamlessly connect to the chaise lounge. This provides a classic sofa feel, with an area to stretch out and relax on the chaise lounge.
  • Standard L-Shape - This is one of the most common sectional layouts, and probably what you might have in mind when thinking of buying a sectional for your home! This traditional layout sits great in a corner, or even in the center of a large open concept home. It allows for a ton of seating, without taking up much more space than a sofa and loveseat combo.
  • U-Shape Sectional - While the L-Shape is perfect for living rooms centered around a television, the U-shape has a little different goal in mind. The U shape facilitates a natural way to have conversations with family and friends. If you're into entertaining, this layout may be just for you!

Material Matters

So you've decided on the layout for your sectional, but that's only the first step! Let's talk colors and materials... We offer hundreds of upholstery options with our American Made and Amish upholstery lines, and our sectionals are no exception! Here are the most popular upholstery options for our sectionals:

  • Standard Fabric - Available in all colors, textures, and patterns there's a little bit of something for everyone when it comes to this group of fabrics. You can easily find a standard body fabric for your sectional in this group, with a complimentary fabric for the pillows as well.
  • Performance Plus Fabric - If you have kids or pets (or honestly, even if you don't) this group of fabrics is for you! All the fabrics in this group have proven resistance to color fading and staining. Additionally, these fabrics are considered fuzz free and will not pill. They are great options for heavy wear, and have a ton of fun colors to choose from.
  • Leather - Upgrading to leather is a great choice because it not only offers easier clean up, but has a sleek and smooth finish. Available in lots of colors, we're confident that you'll find something you love. The leather used on our sectionals come from genuine hides, and the color dye lot will vary from piece to piece.

We absolutely love our American Made sectionals, and are sure you will as well! Their durable, handcrafted construction is one that we're proud of - ensuring that each piece is comfortable and stylish at the same time!