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Amish Solid Wood Kitchen Bread Boxes

Our solid wood breadboxes will make a welcome addition to your kitchen. These breadboxes are Amish handcrafted in your choice of hardwood such as oak wood and cherry wood.  They are reminiscent of those breadboxes found in your Grandma’s kitchen or a farmhouse kitchen. 

 Breadboxes are a great way to keep your homemade bread, farmer’s market goodies and other baked goods fresh.  Depending one the size you can fit one or two loaves in most breadboxes. Breadboxes or bread bins are a staple in the Amish home as homemade bread is served at every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between!  


Before you order your breadbox it might be helpful to measure the space on your kitchen counter.  When breadboxes arrive some customers are surprised by how large they actually are.

At DutchCrafters our Amish woodworkers specialize in handcrafting American antique reproduction furniture and décor from the 18th century. Historically breadboxes like pie safes had punched metal doors to keep out the dirt, bugs and mice.  

Our Amish Bread Boxes represent the old-American way of simple living! Each breadbox is painstakingly handcrafted with the utmost care. Cooking should be joyful experiences so make your kitchen a joyful environment with DutchCrafters' charming hardwood kitchen accessories!

If you are looking for an antique, old fashion looking bread box then the Amish made bread boxes we offer at DutchCrafters are the perfect fit!  

Please call one of our Amish furniture specialists with questions or ordering assistance on our Amish breadboxes and recipe boxes.

Customer love the look of our wooden bread boxes that are Amish handcrafted in the USA.  Choose your wood and finish to customize the look.  If you are matching to your kitchen counters then custom stain matching or other stains are available.  Please call one of our Amish furniture specialists with questions or ordering assistance on these wooden bread boxes.