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Wooden Farm ToysAmerican Made Wood Farm Toys

At DutchCrafters we carry a wide variety of wooden toys that are geared towards young farmers. Does your little girl or boy dream of being a farmer?  If so, our wooden farm toys are the perfect gift for them and will help them learn about farming as well as improve their creativity.

All of our heirloom wooden toys are Amish handcrafted in America using solid wood. Our wooden toys are more expensive then plastic, imported toys but you can guarantee they will be passed on from generation to generation. 

The toymaker has been handcrafting our farm toys for over 35 years.  He is an Old Order Amish from Pennsylvania that grew up in a farming community.  He has first hand knowledge of the farm toys that he builds. These Amish farm toys are appropriate for kids of ages.   Toddlers and children will enjoy imagining stories around the farm.

We offer a wide variety of farming toys such as:

  • Farm barns
  • Farm houses
  • Farm Vehicles such as toy pick-up trucks, toy tractors, toy truck with livestock, wooden horse trailer and wood toy skidloader
  • Farming accessories like fences to keep the livestock and animals in, hay bales and silos
  • Farm animals as no farm would be complete without the cows, horses, pigs and sheep
  • Farm Equipment such as toy bulldozer and toy fork lifts
  • Equestrian farm toys such as horse stables and Amish horse and buggy.

Wood Toy Features and Benefits 

  1. Develops imagination and creativity as well as motor skills
  2. Durable, solid wood toys
  3. Teach children about farming and farm animals
  4. American made not import

Please call for assistance with picking out the perfect wooden toys for your little boy or girl.  Our sales associates are happy to help in any way that they can.  They are Moms and Dads as well so can give your first hand knowledge of what toys are the most popular with the DutchCrafters family.