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Amish barns and sheds keep your yard pristine

by Tom Grimes

As spring approaches, thoughts of the outdoors begin to grow more frequent. Yard-handy readers may have a construction project in mind, while others may simply have an abundance of lawn items that need a space.

Amish-built barns provide ample storage for any outdoor need. They can easily store yard tools, a lawnmower, waste bins or pool equipment with an elegant style that will only add to the lawn's beauty. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, there is a piece to suit any and all preferences. A solid wood barn provides a more intimate space and is perfectly-suited as an "outdoor office" for those who would like to escape the confines of their houses every once in a while.

For those looking for a unique project, they may consider one of several chicken coops available. If space is an issue, there are a number of smaller-sized, urban coops available, too. Chickens are easy to manage and provide an endless supply of the freshest eggs. Chickens will eat your weeds and other garden pests, and their waste acts as a natural fertilizer.

1/18/2017 9:13:48 AM