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Amish chair, rocker and desk can be a unique gift this holiday season

by Tom Grimes

Parents are often looking for memorable gifts for children that don't involve batteries, wires or screens. By investing in a more long-lasting item, Mom and Dad can guarantee that a youngster has a gift that can be treasured for years, instead of months.

Many immediately think of the latest gadgets or toys when buying presents for younger family members, but,rc this season, individuals may want to try a different route and invest in pieces of Amish bedroom furniture.

One item that can prove useful in a number of ways is the Amish three-in-one chair, rocker and desk. This unique piece offers kids a location to do everything from playing to reading to writing and drawing.

A desk can be a great way to encourage children to work on creative artwork or stories and a comfortable chair can provide them with a place to sit and read. Additionally, the item can also be used as a rocking horse, which can entertain kids for hours.

Best of all, this piece is built to last - when one child is done with it, the chair, rocker and desk can be passed down to another youngster.

1/21/2017 2:30:04 PM