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Amish chest can keep a bedroom tidy

by Tom Grimes

Interior designer Lisa Staprans recently shared some of her secrets to creating an affordable, bedroom environment that can feel intimate and relaxing.

One of her suggestions to homeowners is to focus on the way that colors are used around the space. Walls appear to be only the backdrop to Staprans' bedroom, as she recommends incorporating color with other objects.

Paintings, prints and posters can all be ideal decorations to accomplish this task, because they can both add some personality to the walls and provide an interesting mix of hues. Another way that homeowners can transform a room without grabbing a bucket of paint is to use pillows of different sizes, patterns and colors, which can make furniture appear inviting and luxurious.

Linens and blankets can also be strategically layered on a bed or chair, to create a rich texture of shades. Staprans suggests that homeowners take advantage of this by having upholstered headboards on a bed.

Clutter can be another issue for many, as it can contribute to stress and reduce the comfortable atmosphere that a bedroom should evoke. One way to contribute to a space's aesthetic, while tidying up a space, is to use pieces of Amish bedroom furniture such as an Amish chest.

These tasteful, handcrafted pieces can be used to store apparel, linens and other personal belongings that may otherwise end up on the floor.

1/16/2017 2:16:09 PM