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Amish clocks and desks can add dignity to a home library

by Tom Grimes

Whether a home library is a corner by a bookshelf with a lamp and a chair or a cavernous room with thousands of volumes, homeowners who are avid readers may also be looking for other ways to create a distinguished and personal getaway where they can lounge on a chair and read their favorite novel.

These days, it is often difficult to find that perfect classic look without adding a modern element, such as a computer, that may seem to detract from the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Amish office furniture is made to this end, as each item is a blend of the modern and the traditional, which makes them ideal for those looking to put just a touch of aged charm to their more contemporary possessions.

Amish desks are created with multiple drawers and shelves, so that cords and other electronic accessories can be safely stowed away. They can also serve as bold centerpieces for any library.

Those who are also looking for a way to keep time that doesn't include a digital clock or a cellphone may also want to invest in an Amish clock, as these pieces are created with a design scheme that will evoke images of Victorian-style London and university libraries.

1/21/2017 1:20:32 AM