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Amish electric fireplace can be a blend of design tastes

by Tom Grimes

Couples who live together can know how difficult it is to agree one every piece of furniture and color of a room, but ExpressNightOut.com claims that it's important for homeowners to keep the other individual's preferences in mind when designing a space.

One woman, Elizabeth Jackson, confronted this problem recently when she wanted to put a green couch in the living room, but her husband insisted on blue. So, instead of battling for one of the colors, they compromised on an orange sectional.

"Don't take one stance and say, 'It's got to be this way,'" Libby Langdon, an interior designer for HGTV's show Small Space, Big Style, told the news provider. "Think of your furnishings as an eclectic mix. One person doesn't have to fit into the other person's style. In design, people have gotten away from matchy-matchy."

Langdon claims that personal items could act as a collage. The contrast between different aesthetics can sometimes be a unique touch to a home,ac and,dc if compromise seems nearly impossible, a couple may want to consider throwing a party so that they are forced to finish a room.

Some pieces of Amish furniture can complement any theme and please the whole household. Amish electric fireplaces are handsome additions to living and dining rooms, and their sleek, handcrafted frames are an ideal blend between traditional and contemporary elements.

1/17/2017 3:51:34 AM