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Amish filing cabinets provide efficiency and warmth

by Tom Grimes

Modern filing cabinets have a certain cold detachment from the rest of the office. Their sharp edges and metallic construction are unappealing to the eyes and can produce very unpleasant sounds as their drawers are opened and closed.

Amish filing cabinets provide the office with the necessary storage capacity without any of the unsavory features of their steel counterparts. These solid wood pieces are handcrafted by skilled Amish woodworkers using techniques passed down from generations of artistry.

Beautiful solid wood materials instantly add warmth to an office without sacrificing the function you have grown accustomed to. Built in a variety of styles, there is undoubtedly one to suit any office's requirements.

The Mission style file cabinet is perhaps the most elegant offering. Sharp lines decorate the drawers and its dark hue is positively regal.

There are, of course, more traditional offerings, as well, providing as many as six drawers of storage space. They promise to endure the test of time, some capable of storing nearly 100 pounds of material, ensuring an heirloom-quality piece that will be enjoyed for years to come. 

1/22/2017 3:20:26 PM