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Amish lighthouse furniture offers distinctive pieces for any living room

by Tom Grimes

Homeowners who are looking to add a creative touch to a living room may be looking for a piece that is both aesthetically pleasing, functional and entertaining. While this may seem like a difficult list to satisfy, Amish furniture offers a variety of unique items that are sure to provide families with hours of entertainment and appease amateur interior designers as well.

For households that enjoy board games, one may want to consider an Amish made lighthouse design chess and checkers table. This piece is sure to add flair to any room and will also be a hotspot for those who enjoy playing games without a screen.

This table is nautically themed, with a detailed lighthouse base that will please any individual who likes the beach or the ocean.

Another lighthouse-themed item is the Amish lighthouse table with optional aquarium. Fish tanks can be sources of color and energy in any room and the table, which features a built-in lighthouse and legs that emulate the helm and bow of a ship, complements the aquarium perfectly.

Each piece is carved by professional Amish craftsmen and is built to last, so families can pass these items down through generations.

1/22/2017 2:55:19 AM