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Amish storage benches can help keep a foyer organized

by Tom Grimes

When guests enter a home, often their first instinct is to shed their outer layers - jackets, scarves, boots, hats and gloves. As such, homeowners should be sure that there is a graceful storage option for these items to avoid clutter.

Many may have a hard time combining savvy storage with style, but pieces of Amish furniture such as Amish storage benches may present a beautiful and effective solution. Each one of these carefully handcrafted products adds a distinct sophistication to any foyer and will also reduce the risk of clutter.

The striking Amish entryway furniture hall tree storage bench offers a large, spacious mirror that can reflect light and make a space appear larger. It also has a sleek, wooden surface ideal for weary travelers visiting the home and a spacious chest that can store garments and other belongings. Additionally, coat hooks hang from both sides of the handsome mirror frame.

A smaller piece that is no less unique is the pine wood small storage bench, which can also come with a genuine, hand-painted design - from fish to star to blueberry to sheep.

Those who are looking for a larger product may enjoy the Mission hall tree with a mirror, which can fit in smaller foyers yet still provide the space and coat hooks that visitors need.

1/17/2017 10:02:24 AM