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Amish trash bins offer homeowners an alternative to plastic containers

by Tom Grimes

Many homeowners have gotten used to the idea that a trashcan has to be an unappealing plastic container that is generally hidden from view underneath the sink or in a cabinet. However, aside from being aesthetically displeasing, these particular items can also be weak and quickly become dirty.

Individuals may instead opt to invest in a much more sustainable piece, such as an Amish trash bin. These genuine items of Amish handcrafted furniture can contain trash in a beautiful container and are far more durable than normal disposal solutions.

The large double trash bin is carved from pine wood, giving it a unique, forest green color that is sure to add beauty to any part of the kitchen. It is also ideal for those looking to be a little more eco-conscious - the container has two different sections so homeowners can separate the trash from the recyclables.

The tilt-out bin is an economic way to store waste, because the container is stored away in a handsome, wooden piece that can double as a writing desk or cornerpiece for any living room. Those who are interested in this model may also want to consider the distinctive, light-toned wood of the tilt-out hickory trash bin.

1/22/2017 3:24:49 PM