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An Amish dictionary bookcase will house a small collection beautifully

by Tom Grimes

A bedroom or entryway can be a wonderful place to keep a small collection of books. You can display some of your old favorites or encourage guests to flip through when you've got a piece of furniture that's just right for the space. While larger bookcases can be unruly and cumbersome, an Amish-made dictionary bookcase will adequately hold 20 or more works and occupy a minimal amount of space.

These pieces are handcrafted from solid wood and expertly finished for a magnificent appeal. Keep one next to your favorite reading chair and you'll never be without something new to bury yourself in. These bookcases are a wonderful way to indulge your love of reading. Best of all, they feature a small stand that will easily hold a large dictionary, meaning you won't have to lug a heavy volume around just to look up a new word.

If you're looking for a dictionary stand to supplement your study, you will be endlessly pleased with the elegant simplicity of Amish made furniture. Built with an eye toward longevity, these pieces are sure to endure for years to come. 

1/20/2017 2:54:30 AM