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An Amish electric fireplace will provide warmth wherever you need it

by Tom Grimes

Even though the warm weather has arrived, not every evening is going to be perfect. Sometimes it gets rainy and cold, and at these times you will be grateful for the ability to quickly and conveniently start a fire. With an Amish made electric fireplace, you can enjoy a soothing fire anytime with the simple flip of a switch.

Each fireplace is individually inspected and handcrafted using Old World techniques, ensuring the safety and durability you would expect from Amish furniture. If you are looking to make your mantle a more permanent fixture, the Shaker entertainment center can be designed to accommodate a fireplace directly underneath it. Other models are more portable and can easily be moved around as needed.

Because these fireplaces are completely electric, you will not have to worry about the usual hassles that come with starting a fire. There's no smoke or ashes to be dealt with, and as a result, no dangerous carbon monoxide or time-consuming cleanup. Amish made furniture is produced with both form and function in mind, and these electric fireplaces are some of the best examples of such design philosophy.

1/18/2017 3:22:14 PM