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Bask in the charm of Amish French Country furniture

by Tom Grimes

Furniture traditionally associated with the French countryside is the perfect combination of function, visual appeal and familiarity. The style is often referred to as "shabby chic," with its unique melding of rustic charm and ornate elegance. If you are looking to bring an unexpected flair to your home, you will love the French Country style of Amish handcrafted furniture.

One of the most distinctive stylistic traits of these pieces - the tables in particular - is the shape of their lightly curved legs. The beautiful French Country stowleaf dining table is made from solid wood and is beautifully finished for a truly magnificent appeal. It boasts a pair of sturdy and durable draw extensions for when you have extra company to accommodate.

These tables each come with the same guarantee of quality that accompanies all pieces of Amish dining room furniture.

If you simply need some extra seating, you will be happy to know that the French Country collection also features a number of beautiful chairs for your perusal. 

1/23/2017 11:57:59 PM