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Looking for space-saving solutions in your home?  Our bedroom storage pieces are perfect for safekeeping of linens, clothing, and much more.  Made of solid wood by Amish craftsmen, these pieces will add charm and functionality to your home.


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Amish Bedroom Storage for any Suite

Whether you have space for a large mule chest or only a smaller chest of drawers, at DutchCrafters we offer the most comprehensive collection of Amish made bedroom case pieces in the world to ensure you get the storage piece that fits your space best. A well designed bedroom with essential storage pieces turns the bedroom into an oasis. Enjoy having your items organized and easy to access. 

Consider placing one of our Amish made dressers or solid wood chest of drawers in your bedroom for spacious storage. Utilize the handy drawers to hold your seasonal bedding, folded clothing, linens, and more! If you would like storage close by, add one of our Amish made nightstands to your suite. All of our nightstands provide handy bedside storage for books, electronics, and anything else that you may need throughout the night. 

Closet Storage Solutions

If you find yourself running out of closet space, browse our collection of heirloom quality wardrobes and armoires for closet storage solutions. When you're working with a smaller space, or if you don't have a closet, one of our Amish made armoires can meet your bedroom and closet storage needs. Our handcrafted armoires and Amish wardrobes are free-standing masterpieces that can be placed anywhere in a suite for additional storage.

Delicate Storage Solutions

Shop our Amish made lingerie chests for stylish and practical storage of your lingerie, scarves, and other bedroom accessories. These hardwood lingerie chests are tall and narrow chests that provide ample storage without taking up a lot of floor space. These handmade storage pieces are ideal for small bedrooms and can serve as a perfect complementary piece to any master suite. 

DutchCrafters is The Leader In Custom Bedroom Storage

DutchCrafters was started in 2003, and quickly became known as the pioneer in Amish Furniture online. Enjoy exceptional service when working with one of our experienced professionals on any inquiry. Our team of Amish Furniture Specialists will be happy to assist you with custom requests and provide clarity where it is needed on any bedroom storage piece we offer. Call in today to speak with a specialist for free custom quotes and additional information at 941-867-2233.