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Cottage dressers bring rustic charm to any bedroom

by Tom Grimes

Bedrooms are the most personal space in any home, which means that they are the ideal space for homeowners to express themselves and flex their creative muscles. The design of any sleeping area should reflect these values and also provide a natural, comforting warmth.

When adding furniture to a bedroom, the more personal, the better. Amish bedroom furniture may be ideal for this purpose, because many of the pieces are handcrafted, guaranteeing a unique look that won't be found anywhere else.

Dressers from the Cottage Collection are particularly suited for this purpose, because each one is a charming, traditional item with artwork carved onto the drawers that portray beautiful images of landscapes and wildlife. While these pieces have a time-worn and distinguished look, they also possess the functionality and durability of modern design.

One is sure to find an item that reflects their personal interests - a pine wood hand painted dresser with garden design offers pictures of lovely flowers in full bloom amid the greenery of spring and can represent the passion of any avid gardener.

For those who enjoy the contemplative and relaxing sport of fishing, the chest of drawers nautical design can be a way to accent any bedroom.

1/24/2017 8:13:54 PM