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Heritage, Integrity, and Authenticity – The Best Solid Wood Dining Furniture Anywhere!

by Tom Grimes

   It’s no secret; DutchCrafters carries some of the finest solid wood dining room furniture available – anywhere! Handcrafted by the Amish in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, each heirloom hardwood piece of dining room furniture is rich with history and American heritage. Amish furniture has been celebrated for its early role in American folk art and its immense integrity in craftsmanship since the early 1920’s!

http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_42294-Amish-Hartford-Dining-Room-Tableclone--62.jpg http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_42305-Amish-Scranton-Dining-Room-Table--90.jpg http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_43586-Amish-Bordeaux-Mission-Trestle-Dining-Room-Table-Amish-Mission-Dining-Room-Table-100.jpg

(Photos Left to Right: Hartford French Country Dining Set, Scranton Sheaf-Back Dining Set, Bordeaux Mission Dining Set)

   Today, with mass-produced, foreign-manufactured furniture being sold at almost every major furniture retailer, you could walk into a complete stranger’s house and find an identical dining set to your own! This kind of insincere reproduction is unfair to both the hardworking craftsmen of America, and the home-owners who simply deserve better. Home-owners shouldn’t have to replace their dining sets every 5 years; with DutchCrafters heirloom hardwood furniture, your dining room set will last a lifetime, and is often passed down from generation to generation!

   Our dining room furniture is American made – that’s a promise! Our American made dining tables are one of our most popular products! Nearly every table we sell features a solid 1” thick table top and many even feature 1.5” tops or thicker! Our legs are solid hardwood as well, through and through, typically hand-turned and put in place with immensely stable corner blocks. Most of our tables are fully customizable as well, we can mix and match table top shapes and thicknesses, edge styles, leg styles, wood types, finishes, and paints. With individual handcraftsmanship, and this many options, you can be sure you’re getting a truly one of a kind, original American made piece of furniture!

http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_42305-Amish-Scranton-Dining-Room-Table--70.jpg  http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_1449-Amish-Royal-Mission-Dining-Table-5.jpg  http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_7880-Amish-Queen-Anne-Extension-Dining-Table-11.jpg

(Photos, Starting Left: Scranton Triple Pedestal Extension Table, Royal Mission Table, Cherry Queen Anne Extension Table)

   Maybe our second most popular product is our hardwood dining room chairs. Our dining room chairs are handcrafted in small American woodshops, most of which have specialized in chair-making and have been doing so for decades! Our cherry dining chairs are clearly our customer favorites, while oak wood and maple wood are close seconds. Cherry wood is celebrate for its rich color and smooth grain, and is often the most prevalent wood in dining rooms. A cherry table and chair set adds class and sophistication to any home! For those seeking something more humble, our French Country and Shaker ladder-back chairs are also widely popular! Typically made in oak, French Country and Shaker chairs possess a warm and inviting allure.

http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_7730-Amish-Country-Shaker-Dining-Chair-8.jpg http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_2769-Amish-Hanover-Sheaf-Back-Dining-Chair--30.jpg http://www.dutchcrafters.com/product_images/pid_1492-Amish-Montpelier-Windsor-Dining-Chair-10.jpg

(Photos Left to Right : Country Shaker Dining Chair, Hanover Sheaf Back Dining Chair, Montpelier Windsor Dining Chair)

   In addition to our solid wood tables and chairs, every dining room needs a hardwood hutch! Whether you need an oak hutch or cherry hutch, two-door or four-door, open top or closed top – we can make your vision a reality! Our hutches are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship! Standard hutch features typically include hardwood construction throughout, dovetailed drawers, and full-extension drawer slides, but be sure to read our standard features as some hutches are designed to have vintage and rustic stylings. Dovetailed drawers ensure the drawer will function smoothly for generations. This drawer-building method requires extra time and effort on the builder’s part, but is well worth it. Dovetailed drawers are a highly sought after commodity in furniture, and are typically the mark of high-end, heirloom quality furniture. Most of our hutches are also available in cherry wood. The overwhelming beauty of a Queen Anne cherry hutch is awe-inspiring! Also consider adding touch lighting to your hutch, standard on some. Touch lighting allows you to light your fine China on display simply by touching a finger to a hinge!