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Impress the mailman with an Amish lighthouse mailbox

by Tom Grimes

Who says mailboxes have to be dull, metal things? For those looking to add some flavor to the front of their homes, an Amish-made lighthouse mailbox will easily do the trick.

These handmade pieces capture the timeless majesty of the magnificent New England lighthouses. Made from nine-ply wood, they are sturdy and reliable, able to resist whatever curveballs Mother Nature may throw. Each mailbox is specifically crafted to resemble the actual lighthouse it is modeled after!

Even without anchors, these pieces are naturally bottom-heavy, so you will not have to worry about the wind blowing them over. Copper roofs elegantly reflect the sun's rays and add a touch of authenticity to the mailboxes, as well.

Perhaps the most unique features are the solar lights that sit atop the house. Requiring only two AA batteries, the light naturally gathers power from the sun's rays during the day. At night they are released, basking your mailbox in a warm glow. Those interested in adding a nautical theme to their home can't go wrong with one of these fine pieces.

1/18/2017 9:13:54 PM