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Inspire classy, historical touch with Amish Windsor chairs

by Tom Grimes

In the early 1700s, Windsor chairs were crafted as lawn furniture in Windsor, England, but their trademark durability and design quickly became popular throughout the colonies in the New World, according to ApartmentTherapy.com.

Craftsmen in the colonies tinkered with Windsor chairs and their current form circulated in America around 1730. It saw a great deal of popularity among the merchant class because of its simplistic, comfortable shape, and was soon found in dining rooms across the country.

Now, these handcrafted dining chairs still evoke that feeling of elegance, without being too expensive or ornate. They can be ideal for homeowners that prefer tasteful, understated design schemes, but wish to lend an air of tradition to the dining room.

Other Windsor furniture can supplement this theme. Pieces like the Windsor bench can immediately set the tone at the front entrance, offering a durable and handsome cornerpiece to any foyer, and the Windsor bed can complement the bedroom of those who opt for a rustic appearance.

The Windsor furniture collection has been popular for centuries due to the unique, curved backs of the pieces, which can provide maximum comfort without sacrificing a tone of formality.

1/18/2017 9:11:28 PM