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It's always a good time for an Amish fireplace

by Tom Grimes

Summer is beginning to draw to a close, and before you know it, you're going to need an electric fireplace to warm up those cold winter nights. Because of their smaller design, it's easy to move them in and out of a room, and if you're feeling creative you can even bring it outside for some quick s'mores on a warm night. Amish fireplaces are made from solid wood and guaranteed to be the highest quality of construction.

Whatever your home's aesthetic needs are, you can find a fireplace that amply suits them. The Legacy edition, for example, is very regal in its construction, with delicate curves and deep-colored finish. Meanwhile, the Homestead is much simpler, with a basic wooden look and minimal ornamentation - perfect for more modest décors.

You can be confident in knowing that your fireplace will last for years to come as well. These are heirloom-quality pieces that will pervade throughout your family for years to come. Look to the Amish the next time you're thinking about buying a new fireplace!

1/16/2017 5:55:51 AM