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Log furniture can add to a Western theme in a child's bedroom

by Tom Grimes

Whether a child is a big fan of Woody from the Toy Story movies or has long been a fan of cowboys and cowgirls, he or she may want to transform their room into a replica of a Western ranch. Parents may be hesitant to do any serious renovations at first, but there is a middle ground - just add decorations and pieces that will not only add to the theme, but also carry a long-lasting function.

This way, furniture can still be used long after children have moved onto a new obsession and one won't have to tear down cowboy wallpaper and plaster it with something new.

The charming and authentic appearance of Amish furniture such as a Glacier Country log chair can be ideal for fitting a room with a rugged look that is sure to captivate young imaginations. The rustic charm of these pieces, combined with their comfortable design, can make them a fun and practical addition to any bedroom or living room.

For children who like to kick their feet and fidget while sitting down at a desk or in front of a TV, the Glacier Country child rocker can prove to be a great fit, because these durable chairs can handle any amount of movement and play and add a pleasing aesthetic to the space as well.

1/20/2017 3:02:18 PM