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Make a children's room fun with Amish Shaker Child's Table

by Tom Grimes

When parents design a children's room to be fun and trendy, they may be at a loss for ideas, especially since the toys and interests of youngsters can change so quickly. However, interior designers recently shared some tips for designing a child's ideal room with The Creston News Advertiser.

Linda Navara claims that a room for younger children should be replete with fluffy and inviting textures on chairs, beds and floors. A fuzzy rug can make a space comfortable and fun, especially if it's a warm, bright color, and heavy down blankets can make any bed luxurious.

Clutter should also be taken into consideration. Kids can accumulate trinkets and accessories rapidly and this may leave the room disorganized and chaotic. Investing in a desk or chest of drawers that offers ample storage space is a must for spaces that seem to be crowded with toys.

Children can also benefit from a central gathering space for when they have friends and want to draw, or play board games. An Amish Shaker Child's Table is a durable and beautiful piece of Amish bedroom furniture that can be the spot of many fun and joyful memories.

1/21/2017 8:37:35 PM