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Make a guest room warm and inviting with an Amish night stand

by Tom Grimes

November and December are the peak of the holiday season, which means that many families may be getting together at one house to celebrate. Hosts may want to prepare for these guests by making a special guest room that is both comfortable and aesthetic.

One way to outfit a space to make it appear welcoming is to put an emphasis on soft, vibrant textures. Downy comforters and patterned rugs can make a room much more welcoming and also add splashes of color.

Try to apply more natural touches to the area as well. A bouquet of flowers on a table can be aesthetically pleasing, and it can leave a pleasant aroma in the air. If a guest arrives at night after a long car ride or flight, scented candles can also do the trick.

Flea market accessories and other quirky trinkets can serve as subtle ways to express the home's personality and affordable decorations.

To incorporate an element of traditional design in the room, homeowners may also want to add pieces of Amish bedroom furniture such as an Amish night stand. These items can hold a guest's toiletries, electronics and other belongings so they don't become lost.

1/18/2017 5:03:39 AM