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Mother's Day: A Gift with Rich Lifetime Value

by Tom Grimes

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching! Naturally, it’s time to start thinking about presents.

Flowers are beautiful – even essential – but why not surprise mom with something extra special this year: an heirloom quality jewelry armoire from DutchCrafters.

Flowers last mere days but an heirloom jewelry armoire from DutchCrafters will last a lifetime and more! Each DutchCrafters jewelry armoire is handcrafted from a stunning North American hardwood species. Customers have the option to choose their hardwood; common options include Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Quarter Sawn White Oak.

Our hardwoods are the backbone of our heirloom furniture, but heirloom quality is two-fold, the result of both a strong, durable hardwood and master craftsmanship. Rest assured our Amish craftsmen are some of the most experienced and most reputable wood workers left in existence. It is from these master craftsmen that the deepest value is given to each work. For our jewelry armoires are more than a box to store jewelry, they’re representative of deeper, treasured human values such as integrity, strength, authenticity, and beauty. They represent an American commitment to excellence and integrity. Nothing is hidden, nothing is fake, turn it over, open it up, tear apart the seams, and you’ll find integrity in craftsmanship, and hardwood throughout, no veneers, staples, or particle board is ever used in our products!

We’re not trying to be anyone else, we represent American furniture making in its authentic form and at its best! Cheap foreign imports may try to imitate our products, but no assembly line plant can imitate the finely-honed touch of a true craftsman, or the strength and beauty of a North American hardwood.