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Serve your guests in style with an Amish buffet

by Tom Grimes

If you frequently entertain guests, you have probably encountered the difficult situation of having too many visitors and not enough space. If you are throwing a potluck, you need somewhere to put all of the food in addition to needing a place to store your fine dinnerware. Unfortunately, many modern dining sets do not take this into account and provide little more than seating space. With Amish made furniture, however, you can enjoy a fine buffet that beautifully complements your dining room's aesthetic.

These piece are handcrafted from your choice of solid oak, maple wood, walnut or cherry. Most models open up to a shelf that stretches along the length of the buffet, as well as smaller shelving units for additional storage.

For a piece that's a bit more lavish, consider the solid wood Heirloom buffet, which features a gorgeous baker's rack that will quickly become a conversation starter among friends and family. This is Amish furniture at its finest, with elaborate curves and unmatched function that will endure for generations to come. 

1/23/2017 5:29:38 AM