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Stock up for holiday dinners with Amish kitchen accessories

by Tom Grimes

The fall season is often a time for family meals and reunions, which means that there are many opportunities for loved ones to connect and enjoy a celebration together. Kitchens can often be the ideal spot for gatherings as relatives catch up over cups of coffee and share the latest.

Homeowners may be interested in adding some traditional elements to their kitchen before they host a holiday party, as genuine, handcrafted accessories can lend warmth to the space's appearance and also make the room comfortable and relaxed.

Amish kitchen accessories can make any kitchen just a little more distinctive. An Amish vegetable bin and bread box is a three-drawer, vertical storage solution for foods that may otherwise cause clutter on countertops. The smooth, polished wood surface of the piece can evoke the feeling of a homey, rustic farmhouse.

Lazy susans are also effective accessories, particularly for larger gatherings where passing condiments and napkins back and forth can be a little hectic. These pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture can function equally well as centerpieces for a casual appetizer at the kitchen counter or a formal meal at the dining room table.

1/19/2017 5:52:32 AM