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Use an Amish dining table to bring natural warmth into a home

by Tom Grimes

The cold weather and fading daylight can often have an effect on the interior of a home and homeowners may want to redecorate with warmer colors that can keep rooms bright all winter long, according to The Evansville Courier & Press.

These improvements can be both functional and aesthetic. One way to easily keep the hot air inside a house is to attach line drapes with Velcro for added insulation. One can also throw colorful blankets onto furniture and place rugs to cover up cold, hardwood or marble floors.

Using decorative tablecloths may add an aesthetic element of warmth and charm, which can be topped off with a careful arrangement of twigs and scented candles. Bowls of pinecones and other fall pieces can also be used to contribute the feeling of fall.

Even sprucing up a towel rack in the bathroom with brightly colored towels, or using bright dishes and utensils, can have an aesthetically warming effect on a home.

Amish dining room furniture, particularly dining tables, can make beautiful centerpieces in a dining room and serve as a gathering point for conversation, as well as an easy focal point for seasonal decorations.

1/20/2017 9:07:52 AM