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Wooden Amish Lazy Susans

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Amish Lazy Susans

DutchCrafters Lazy Susans are Amish handcrafted from solid hardwood.  They rotate and are the perfect option for the kitchen table, dining table or kitchen counter.  Use our turntable Lazy Susans to hold condiments such as salt and pepper as well as napkins. 

Lazy Susans are usually circular or round but we do offer square Lazy Susan as well as triangle shaped Lazy Susans.  Lazy Susans are very popular overseas especially in China where dishes are shared at restaurants instead of individual ordering. 

History of the Lazy Susan

It is not known exactly who this Susan was, why this tableware was named after her and whether she was lazy or not.  Did a lazy servant named Susan really inspire this furniture accessory to be named after her?  If the servant name Susan was so lazy then someone likely came up with the Lazy Susan so that Susan could be fired.  It is doubtful but does make for an interesting story line.  What we do know about the history of the Lazy Susan is that it has been around since the early 1900s when it was first advertised in a Vanity Fair magazine. The text in the magazine described the Lazy Susan as “the cleverest waitress in the world.”  

Other Uses for Lazy Susans

  1. Pantry Organizer
  2. Make Up Organizer at Bathroom Vanity
  3. Bathroom Organizer
  4. Medicine Organizer
  5. Spice Organizer
  6. For Cake Decoration and Ease of Moving the Cake Around on the Turntable
  7. Garage Organizer
  8. Refrigerator Organizer

At DutchCrafters we offer a wide variety of custom hardwood Lazy Susans for sale that are handcrafted just for you and your kitchen.  If you aren’t ready to order your DutchCrafters Lazy Susan then be sure to safe it to your Wish List. Call one of our Amish furniture specialists for custom Lazy Susans. 

Hardwood Revolving Lazy Susan

Amish Hardwood Revolving Lazy Susan
(ID: 46770)
Base Price: $49
American Made Tabletop Lazy Susan

American Made Tabletop Lazy Susan
(ID: 46768)
Base Price: $39
Wooden Flat Top Lazy Susan

Amish Wooden Flat Top Lazy Susan
(ID: 47805)
Base Price: $29
Eco Friendly Lazy Susan Basket

Amish Eco Friendly Lazy Susan Basket
(ID: 41512)
Base Price: $38
12" Lazy Susan - Basket Weave

Amish 12" Lazy Susan - Basket Weave
(ID: 13779)
Base Price: $49
8" Lazy Susan - Basket Weave

Amish 8" Lazy Susan - Basket Weave
(ID: 13777)
Base Price: $39
Rustic Hickory Lazy Susan

Amish Rustic Hickory Lazy Susan
(ID: 47279)
Base Price: $154
Triangle Oak Lazy Susan

Amish Triangle Oak Lazy Susan
(ID: 46784)
Base Price: $59
Hardwood Office Lazy Susan

Amish Hardwood Office Lazy Susan
(ID: 46765)
Base Price: $80