Founded in 2003, DutchCrafters is a destination for solid wood, American-made, Amish handcrafted furniture that is aligned both with your style and with your values.
We source all of our heirloom-quality furniture from the back roads of Amish country in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana; we've built solid relationships with woodshops and craftsmen there that we know and trust. 
We're committed to giving back to our local community of Sarasota, Florida, as well as our extended Amish community, and our global community through key partnerships and initiatives outlined below. As a company, we believe that we exist through collaboration, teamwork, and mutual respect and support of both the natural and the human environment that surrounds us.


In 2003, many people had a hard time imagining the words "Amish" and "Internet" as compatible. 
Yet when DutchCrafters founder (and lifelong Mennonite) Jim Miller was looking for exceptional products to sell on an e-commerce platform that year, he found them within his own Amish and Mennonite heritage. 
Miller comes from a very old and respected Amish and Mennonite family in Goshen, Indiana. He knew that Amish made furniture represented integrity, authenticity and long-lasting value – precisely the alternative to cheap imported products that were flooding the Internet at that time. By offering a high level of customer service that matched the quality of the products, Miller was able to conceive the DutchCrafters brand - one that reflects his heritage and his values, while consistently pursuing positive innovation in customer experience.
Miller and his wife Linse spent the next few years tirelessly combing the back woods of Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, searching for products and woodshops that could live up to their high expectations, and knock the socks off our customers.
Today, Jim and Linse can still be found roaming Amish country in  search of incredible woodshops, amazing Amish craftsmen, and new ways to serve each member of the DutchCrafters family - from first-time customers to lifelong fans. 


Reduce: All of the lumber used by our expert Amish craftsmen is regionally sourced — meaning less resources are used to transport materials, reducing shipping and fuel expenditures.
Conserve: Speaking of the craftsmen, they’ve been green since before being green was a trend — traveling by horse and buggy, canning food from their own farms and gardens, and drying their laundry in the sun. While the waste involved in factory manufacturing is incalculable, the amount saved by our woodworkers is downright incredible.
Reuse: While we’re on the subject of trends, DutchCrafters conserves resources by refusing to follow them. Our products are heirloom pieces, built to last families for lifetimes, not the lifetime of a trend. Ours isn’t expendable furniture, tossed into dumpsters every few years — ours is built and finished by hand, and treasured for generations. Now that's reusable.
Renew: Responsibly managed forests truly are a renewable resource. The trees chosen for lumber are carefully selected by farmers with an eye toward the health of the rest of the trees, and the continuation of their family’s legacy in forestry.


We believe in building our community while we build our business.
To that end, DutchCrafters partners with the Mennonite Economic Development Associates to do great things, like supporting two women on an epic bike ride across Canada to raise awareness and funds for women entrepreneurs in Ghana.
We also believe in the power of the next generation, especially when it’s coupled with those that came before us. To honor that belief, we fund the DutchCrafters Heritage Scholarship, aimed at rewarding three deserving, college-bound students who plan to use their heritage as part of their future.
It’s not just DutchCrafters as a company that’s helping our communities – our employees play an integral part, as well. Each week during our staff meeting, we support the exceptional acts of co-workers — and each other — by donating a dollar and a compliment to the “Kudos” box for any jobs well done during the previous week.
In 2014, we donated to All Faiths Food Bank and Mayor’s Feed the Hungry, while sending our employees home with a serious morale boost.
Talk about a win-win.


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