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Amish Elegant River Bend Armoire

Welcome to DutchCrafters Collection of Amish Armoires!

We are proud to carry one of the largest collections of Amish handcrafted armoires ever assembled!  We offer an array of styles and sizes, from many different collections, so you can get just the right piece to incorporate into your unique space.  Each armoire is made to order, with many different solid wood and stain combinations.  With so many different options, there will not be a bedroom you can't decorate with one of these gorgeous store pieces.

Features Of Your New Armoire

While not all armoires will have the same style or dimensions, there are a couple of features that will make your new piece a versatile centerpiece to your storage decor!  Most armoires feature three spacious drawers that will house your clothes, linens or other necessities and are often used as extra storage for less frequently used items.  The top cabinet typically offers a variety of different layouts, from the clothes bar or adjustable shelves, to the TV swivel, cable box space, pocket doors and a knockout back for an entertainment center feel, right in your bedroom.

Handcrafted to Perfection

Each and every Armoire that we offer is painstakingly handcrafted, piece by piece. You can rest assured that every detail of your Armoire was developed and inspected by a world-class craftsman. Our craftsmen have a reputation to uphold, and treat each and every armoire they produce as a way to display the very highest standards of craftsmanship the Amish are known for!

Made in America - Guaranteed

An investment in Amish Bedroom Furniture, is an investment in America! When you buy American, your money is then re-invested further into American grocers, farmers, doctors, etc...This effect is known as the multiplier effect. Keep your money in-house and help us support the American economy!

Additionally, American made products offer American integrity, which, quite frankly, is often lacking in mass-produced foreign imports!


A Solid Investment

DutchCrafters Armoires are a rock solid investment. Built to heirloom quality standards, you can count on your American-made Armoire serving you and your family for generations. Constructed from 100% solid hardwoods and superior hardware, our Armoires are strong, durable, and, of course, beautiful. You will never have to purchase another Armoire again!  See all of our beautiful Amish Bedroom Furniture and build the set of your dreams!

Call Today

For the convenience of our customers DutchCrafters has on-call Amish furniture specialists available by phone, to answer any questions. Feel free to call during our normal business operating hours, and our furniture specialists will gladly go the extra mile to assist you in developing your dream Armoire. The call is toll-free! 1-866-272-6773

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Amish Pine Wood Wardrobe Armoire
Pine Wood Wardrobe Armoire$515.00

Expand your closet space with this great American made pine wardrobe armoire. This beautiful solid pine wood furniture piece will look excellent in your bedroom.
Amish Shaker Armoire Wardrobe
Shaker Armoire Wardrobe$963.30
$199 Shipping Per Order!

What better place to organize your clothes than in a solid wood Shaker Armoire. Our Shaker Wardrobe Armoire is Amish handcrafted from 100% solid hardwood in the USA!
Amish Mission Armoire Wardrobe
Mission Armoire Wardrobe$963.30
$199 Shipping Per Order!

Amish Shaker Armoire with Full Doors
Shaker Armoire with Full Doors$2,136.75
$199 Shipping Per Order!

Two full doors provide a solid, sleek look for our Amish Shaker Armoire! Show off the natural beauty of your solid hardwood armorie and incorporate a place to store clothes, linens or an entertainment center for your Shaker Bedroom Decor!
Amish Rustic Cottage Herb Armoire
Rustic Cottage Herb Armoire$2,646.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

The Amish Rustic Cottage Herb Armoire is a handsomely designed armoire that showcases masterful artwork in its detail. This cottage style armoire is custom made for each customer. Choose your paint colors on this cottage herb armorie to create...
Amish Louis Philippe Armoire
Louis Philippe Armoire$2,461.75

$199 Shipping Per Order!

Stylish and versatile, the Amish Louis Philippe Armoire is handcrafted from solid hardwood to create a piece that is as durable as it is beautiful. With may different options available, this armoire can be constructed to fit your specific needs...
Amish Modesto Mission Armoire
Modesto Mission Armoire$1,790.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

This Mission style Armoire is sure to bring plenty of storage space into your bedroom. Whether you are looking for a wardrobe armoire or a bedroom tv armoire this Modesto Mission Armoire will fit the bill. Please call to receive finish samples...
Amish Rustic Hickory Armoire
Rustic Hickory Armoire$1,335.60
$199 Shipping Per Order!

The beautiful Rustic Hickory Armoire is a great way to store your clothes with a unique rustic style. Proudly made in the USA with the highest quality wood products.
Amish Heritage Wardrobe
Heritage Wardrobe$1,246.40
$199 Shipping Per Order!

This lovely Amish Heritage Wardrobe will make a beautiful addition to your bedroom or guest bedroom and features ample storage.
Amish Wildflowers Rustic Armoire
Wildflowers Rustic Armoire$2,646.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

This unique armoire beings to mind the soothing natural world. The hand painted wildflower design brings the outdoors inside. Choose a soothing paint color to further create the calming, botanical mood. This Amish furniture is sure to...
Amish 48" Armoire With Pocket Doors
48" Armoire With Pocket Doors$2,109.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

This Amish Armoire is handcrafted of beautiful solid wood. It has two large cabinet doors on the top and two medium sized dovetail drawers on the bottom. This piece also the option of pocket doors as well as a top shelf for a VCR or DVD player.
Amish Country Wardrobe Armoire
Country Wardrobe Armoire$2,826.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

This stunning Amish Country Wardrobe is full of ample storage space and lovingly handcrafted in the USA.
Amish Craftsman Mission Armoire
Craftsman Mission Armoire$2,442.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

The strong, yet simple lines that are distinctive of classic Mission furniture are inherent in our beautifully designed Amish Craftsman Armoire. With ample room for bedroom storage, let this be the centerpiece to your dream bedroom decor!
Amish Greenwich Armoire
Greenwich Armoire$1,973.70

$199 Shipping Per Order!

Amplify your bedroom decor with the modern beauty of our Amish Greenwich Armoire! Crafted from solid hardwood, with a large top cabinet with multiple uses and three huge, fully extending drawers, you'll have all the extra storage you need!
Amish Victoria's Tradition Tall Armoire
Victoria's Tradition Tall Armoire$2,752.00

$199 Shipping Per Order!

Constructed from solid hardwood, with a classic design, our Victoria's Tradition Two-Piece Armoire will provide the perfect Early American look to any bedroom suite. Choose the perfect wood and stain combination to match your space!
Amish Early American Chest of Drawers Armoire
Early American Chest of Drawers Armoire$2,035.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

With the space of a traditional chest of drawers and the open door feel of an armoire, our Amish handcrafted Armoire Chest of Drawers is sure to add a unique look to your decor that will be functional and stylish!
Amish Ashton Armoire
Ashton Armoire$1,594.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

The Amish Ashton Armoire adds value in any room of the house. Whether it be used as a wardrobe for holding clothes in the bedroom or entertainment center in the living room, this Amish Armoire has a lot to offer! Please call to receive finish...
Amish Caledonia Shaker Armoire
Caledonia Shaker Armoire$1,868.00
$199 Shipping Per Order!

At DutchCrafters we offer a wide variety of Shaker furniture in a many different wood and finish types. This Caledonia Shaker Armoire can be used as a wardrobe or tv stand. This solid wood armoire comes with 1" Solid Mission Edge Top, Cutouts...
Amish Versailles Armoire
Versailles Armoire$1,971.55

$199 Shipping Per Order!

The storage centerpiece to your dream bedroom suite, our handcrafted Amish Versailles Armoire will give you a place to store your clothes, linens and even serve to conveniently store your TV and cable box to maintain a neat bedroom decor!
Amish Heritage Chest on Chest Armoire with Two Drawers and Two Doors
Heritage Chest on Chest Armoire with Two Drawers and Two Doors$1,470.60
$199 Shipping Per Order!

From the beautifully designed, spacious top cabinets to the elegantly shaped feet, our Amish Heritage Chest on Chest Armorie is the perfect storage piece to compliment your Early American decor.
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Satisfied Amish Furniture Customers

Hi Kari-Jo, I was just going through my in-box and realized I had not yet sent the message I intended about Christner transport. The delivery was really superior. He was right on time, brought the furniture in, and went the extra mile to get it upstairs. I never could have done that myself. It was a hot day and sweaty work, but he declined a beer. He even declined a root beer! He was the utmost in professionalism, and the furniture got through a tight staircase turn without a bump or dent. He also removed all of the wrapping materials. I didn't even have to sweep. I love my hutch and table. Thank you very much, and hope you are enjoying a wonderful Spring! Deborah S.
Deborah S.
CA ,   2015-03-23T10:58:00-04:00
Jody, 4-Poster Bed…looks beautiful and fits perfectly. I am very pleased with my bedroom set!!! It is absolutely beautiful and so rich looking. The quality is above and beyond my expectations. The delivery and installation was flawless. Kuddo’s to Harvey and Gerry…you guys rocked!! Thank you DutchCrafters!!!
Bev J.
,   2014-07-23T16:49:00-04:00
Our armoire is safely in place (see attached picture). It's a beautifully crafted piece and solid as a rock. The purchasing process was smooth and everything occurred when and as promised; communication during the construction phase was helpful. Our compliments to the artisans and the sales force. Buying furniture online can be risky but not in this case. Highly recommended. Donald
Donald R.
PA ,   2011-03-02T20:52:00-05:00
This customer bought:Shaker Armoire Wardrobe

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