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Old Fashioned Wagons

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Old Fashioned WagonsAlmost every wagon featured on DutchCrafters is fully functional and ready to go! Amish woodworkers are particularly proud of their wagons, and, as they've been building them for generation. These wagons make great garden decor, but are also popular for use with children during the Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday season. Typically, all our wagons are built to order and thus, customizable. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 1-866-272-6773.

Wooden Goat Cart - Medium Rustic

Amish Wooden Goat Cart - Medium Rustic
(ID: 1087)
Base Price: $249
Goat Cart - Medium Premium

Amish Goat Cart - Medium Premium
(ID: 392)
Base Price: $310
Wooden Goat Cart - Small Premium

Amish Wooden Goat Cart - Small Premium
(ID: 53037)
Base Price: $141
Rustic Buckboard Wagon

Amish Made Rustic Buckboard Wagon
(ID: 12866)
Base Price: $147
Rustic Hay Wagon

Amish Made Rustic Hay Wagon
(ID: 12867)
Base Price: $151
Handcrafted Hitch Wagon

Amish Handcrafted Hitch Wagon
(ID: 7947)
Base Price: $222
Compact Farm Wagon

Amish Made Compact Farm Wagon
(ID: 40917)
Base Price: $1,046
Crafts Decorative Pumpkin Wagon

Amish Crafts Decorative Pumpkin Wagon
(ID: 7948)
Base Price: $481