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Amish Old Fashioned Wagons: Not Just for Goats!

Goat wagons, also known as goat carts, have been around for years and years. Our Amish craftsmen are particularly proud of their handcrafted wagons, as they've been building them for generations. These goat wagons are not only fully functional, but provide a little country charm to any outdoor space - a garden, lawn, porch, or deck - just to name a few.

Bring Home a Little Rustic Touch

Our handcrafted Amish wagons are made just for you by our expert Amish craftsmen. What does this mean for you? You have ultimate control over the size and features of your Amish wagon. Choose from a multitude of options - from the size and type of wood down to the color and finish! Our old fashioned wagons come in both rustic and premium wood options - rustic is great for that traditional, unsanded, rough look; while the premium boasts a completely sanded and smooth look. The wagons can also be customized to include harnesses and braces - great for hauling items or animals around the backyard!

More Than Just a Functional Wagon

Looking to accent your outdoor space instead? The smaller wagons are perfect for floral displays, as well as seasonal displays. The optional plant liner makes it more convenient to plant flowers in your wagon without any fear that it'll ruin your wagon. The liner fits nicely in the bottom of the wagon, and provides an easy way to plant flowers for seasons to come. Many customers use them to create a fall pumpkin display, or even decorate with Christmas lights as well. The options are endless for year-round outdoor decor! The small goat wagons are versatile enough that they can even be ordered with a glass or mirror top to use as a coffee table.


If you have any questions at all about our Amish handcrafted goat wagons, please give us a call at 1-941-867-2233.