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Step up to an Amish bed step

by Tom Grimes

Though bed steps aren't often thought of when considering what to put in your bedroom, not only can they be very convenient for people with beds raised somewhat higher off the ground, but they can add a certain elegant charm to the entire space's aesthetic. If you're looking for a quick addition to your bedroom that will spruce up its visual appeal, an Amish-made bed step may be exactly what you're looking for.

These solid wood pieces are made with the utmost care by skilled Amish woodworkers, ensuring that you can enjoy yours for years to come. You may choose between the Louis Philippe bed step or a more classic style, depending on your needs. The Louis Philippe piece is slightly more elaborate, with more ornamentation and elegant curves and is perfect if your bedroom has a certain formal feel.

Whatever you decide, you can be confident in these bed steps as you can be with all Amish handcrafted furniture. They promise to last in your family for a very long time and will endure whatever you can throw at it!

1/18/2017 2:57:20 AM