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Treat your feet to an Amish ottoman

by Tom Grimes

One of the most vital parts of a living room is having a reliable and comfortable ottoman. There are few things better than sitting back after a long day and putting your feet up, and the right ottoman can do wonders for your comfort. The makers of Amish furniture have created some of the most practical and durable footstools you'll ever have the pleasure of laying your feet on.

Whatever your living room's décor is like, you can be confident in knowing that there is an Amish ottoman out there to suit it. For instance, the Rustic Hickory Lodge ottoman will immediately bring a country vibe to your room, with wood that appears largely untreated and soft, no-frills padding on which to place your feet.

For something a bit more elegant, the Mission footstool is right up your alley. With a large padded top and dark, regal wood, you'll look forward to finding your way to this piece for years to come. With such high-quality construction, your ottoman will endure for generations to come.

1/23/2017 7:57:22 PM