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Treat your four-legged friends with beautiful Amish pet furniture

by Tom Grimes

As anyone with a cat or dog knows, pets are beloved members of the family as much as any human counterpart. Yet much of the furniture designed for pets is of an inferior quality, often not suitable for the amount of love they deserve. If you are looking for furniture that will keep your cat or dog happy, consider the Amish variety.

Give your dog a beautiful place to rest at night with a solid wood bed. These pieces come in a variety of styles that can complement the décor of your house with ease. Whether you want rugged or elegant characteristics, there will be a piece that will suit your needs.

Do away with unattractive, open-air litter boxes with an Amish covered model. The box is covered to remove unsightly waste left behind by your feline, which will also eliminate odors. Additionally, it comes with enough storage space that all of your litter box essentials can be kept in one place.

For a more lavish piece, consider an Amish dog kennel. Far more than four walls and a roof, these pieces are intricately-constructed miniature houses designed in either Victorian or Cape Cod styles.

1/24/2017 4:09:57 AM