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Why YOU should shop DutchCrafters!

by Tom Grimes

Demand quality, demand service ... demand the best from the companies you support!

At DutchCrafters every day we strive to be the best. That's a promise! And we know being the best means having the happiest, most satisfied customers. At DutchCrafters, it all begins with you!

So for our customers here at DutchCrafters we have on-call Amish furniture specialists available 5-days a week. We don't make our customers deal with frustrating automated telephone services, we won't run you around in circles, we won't waste your time! Our furniture specialists are friendly and knowledgeable. They will go out of their way to help customers however possible! AND the call is Toll-Free!

Additionally, for the satisfaction of our customers, DutchCrafters requires ONLY a 30% deposit, sends FREE stain samples at the time of order, and offers a one year warranty on EVERY product! You won't find a better deal!

But that's not all! DutchCrafters carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, is a standing member of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, and is proudly a member of the Gulf Coast 500... So you know you're dealing with a name you can trust!

As far as our furniture goes, DutchCrafters is proud of it's products! We offers only the highest quality furniture.

1. All furniture is handcrafted from top to bottom from high quality solid hardwoods.

2. Furniture is of heirloom quality, meaning it is designed to last generations.

3. Our furniture is a true American-made product!

4. Amish furniture carries numerous energy saving, eco-friendly advantages!

5. All furniture is built to order so customers can make critical design options so that the distinct elements of their individual homes and needs are met.

So support your economy! Support the Environment! Most of all ... Support your right as a consumer to receive the best in quality and service! Shop DutchCrafters today!


1/24/2017 8:15:18 AM