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Bird Houses: A Warm Welcome for the Birds



Room to Roost


Watching a family of singing birds thrive and grow in your own back yard (literally!) is one of the greatest joys of summer. Our handcrafted bird houses and bird boxes - each and every one built with pride and care by expert Amish woodworkers from exclusively American materials - are the best way to extend a warm welcome to a new family of birds and to keep them coming back year after year.


Come On Over


There are as many different species of bird in your garden as there are names for them, and every one of them has a different idea of what their ideal home looks like. Different kinds of houses and boxes (as well as feeders and food!) will attract different kinds of birds - so which one is right for you?

Bird Boxes

bird boxes   

     Bird boxes are used to provide a nest space for "cavity-nesting" species, including bluebirds, wrens,             chickadees, woodpeckers, and many, many more. Their versatile design makes them suitable for mounting on a tree or fence and, in some case, on a post.

     In order to keep predators out of your bird box, it's recommended that you position the box at least four to six feet above the ground. If mice and squirrels are a problem in your area, adding a small conical predator muffler to the box's entry hole can help to keep the birds and their eggs safe and sound.






Bluebird Houses

bluebird bird house     Bluebird houses are specifically designed to encourage bluebirds to make their nests in your yard. With a small entry hole and an extra-thick, extra-protective roof, this kind of bird house is also popular with house sparrows.

     For the best results, position your bluebird house four to six feet off the ground in direct sunlight. 




Martin Houses and Colonies

martin bird houses    Known for their beautiful and distinctive song, martins have a deep need to make their nests in close proximity to other members of their family. Our large martin houses - available with 6,12, or 14 compartments, arranged like small apartment buildings - provide ample space for a gang of martins to make a home. Our plastic gourd is a stylish alternative to the traditional large martin house.

    When martins have enough space to nest in great numbers, they will happily form a colony. Putting two or more large martin houses or gourds in close proximity to one another and safely mounted at least five feet off the ground will encourage a great swathe of these beautiful singers to call your garden home!


Wren Houses

wren bird house   Wren houses solve a common problem in the business of wren-watching: bigger, more aggressive birds taking up the space you so carefully set aside for the beautiful wrens! Similar to bluebird houses but with a smaller entry hole, wren houses provide a small space that only wrens and chickadees should be able to access.

    Keep these boxes at least three feet off the ground, up to a maximum of ten feet. Place it in a space that has at least some cover nearby, or is itself within the cover of leaves or a thin bush.



Garden Bird Houses

garden bird house    If you're not trying to attract a specific breed to your garden, we offer a wide variety of one-size-fits-all bird houses designed to keep bigger birds out and instead invite strong singers in to make the house their home.

     With shapes and designs including Noah's Ark, a shining star, a terraced cottage and much, much more, our range of multipurpose bird houses is sure to have something that fits your garden's bill.



A Strong Foundation

Make sure to fill your bird box, house, or gourd with appropriate nesting materials before the nesting season gets going in your region. In most cases, it's a good idea to clean the house or box out at the end of each season to encourage another family to roost there during the winter or again in spring. Only a few birds will choose to stay with you for the winter, using your house or box as shelter against a chill. In those cases, it's a better idea to leave the same nesting material in place for as long as the same family is using it.

And don't worry - each and every one of our boxes and houses is made from American materials in American woodshops in Ohio, I

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Amish Made Birdhouse Cupola with Optional Weathervane
Birdhouse Cupola with Optional Weathervane$153.00

Our birdhouse cupola doubles as a sanctuary for your feathered friends!
Amish Garden Fence-Mounted Poly Bird Houses
Garden Fence-Mounted Poly Bird Houses$19.50

These classic bird houses prove that there is enormous value in traditional simplicity.
Amish Barn-Style Martin Bird House with Six Compartments
Barn-Style Martin Bird House with Six Compartments$155.00

Bring a barn full of song to your garden with handcrafted martin house that's been thoughtfully styled after a traditional Amish barn.
Amish Log Cabin Garden Bird House
Log Cabin Garden Bird House$45.00

Bring the rustic charm of the pioneer lifestyle to your garden with this adorable handcrafted log cabin bird house!
Amish Poly Double Deluxe Bird House - Large
Poly Double Deluxe Bird House - Large$369.00

Sure to draw admirers from near and far, this effortlessly elegant double deluxe bird house is a marvel to behold.
Amish Fantastic Flight Poly Bird House
Fantastic Flight Poly Bird House$81.20

This unique bird house guarantees a safe and long-lasting home for feathered friends of all shapes and sizes.
Amish Bird-Shaped Hanging Feeder - Choose Your Bird!
Bird-Shaped Hanging Feeder - Choose Your Bird!$39.00

Model this beautiful wooden hanging feeder after your favorite type of bird.
Amish Painted Garden Bird House with Cedar Roof
Painted Garden Bird House with Cedar Roof$51.00

This handmade bird house combines classic design with bird-friendly features to create an ideal home for feathered friends.
Amish Garden Bird House with Porch and Chimney
Garden Bird House with Porch and Chimney$35.00

With a chimney and porch, this is a bird house that will make any feathered friend feel right at home.
Amish Mill Cabin Garden Bird House
Mill Cabin Garden Bird House$55.00

Intricate details lift this handcrafted garden bird house high above the competition.
Amish Garden Colonial Martin Bird House with 14 Compartments
Garden Colonial Martin Bird House with 14 Compartments$225.00

With room for a more than a dozen pairs of nesting martins, this incredible bird house makes is the perfect addition to any classical garden.
Amish Two-in-One Lighthouse Bird House and Feeder
Two-in-One Lighthouse Bird House and Feeder$99.89

Intricate details and master craftsmanship make this two-in-one bird house and bird feeder the perfect choice for any traditional garden.
Amish Painted Trio Garden Bird House
Painted Trio Garden Bird House$85.00

This unique bird house is the perfect addition to any bustling summer garden.
Amish Painted Rustic Wren House
Painted Rustic Wren House$35.00

Fill your garden with summer song by inviting wrens to make a home in this traditional solid wood wren house.
Amish Noah's Ark Garden Bird House
Noah's Ark Garden Bird House$59.00

The birds will go in by two by two - and they'll bring happiness, song, and entertainment to your outdoor space for many years to come!
Amish Red Country Barn Bird House
Red Country Barn Bird House$65.00

Boasting incredibly intricate details and world-class craftsmanship, this beautiful barn-style bird house is the perfect addition to any country garden.
Amish Three-in-One Garden Bird House Combo
Three-in-One Garden Bird House Combo$85.00

With spaces for nesting, resting, eating, and bathing, this beautiful bird tree does is a marvel to behold.
Amish Triple Townhouse Bird House with Tin Roof
Triple Townhouse Bird House with Tin Roof$70.00

House a whole flock of summer songsters in this beautifully handmade trio of bird house townhouses.
Amish Cedar Log Cabin Bluebird House - Large
Cedar Log Cabin Bluebird House - Large$30.00

Provide nesting bluebirds with a home that's as functional as it is beautiful with this handcrafted log cabin bluebird house.
Amish Cedar Bird House with Double Planter
Cedar Bird House with Double Planter$45.00

Combine beautiful birdsong with blooming buds to create an outdoor accent that's right at home in any traditional garden.
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Satisfied Amish Furniture Customers

5 Stars all across the rating board! The 2 each 24x12 Birdhouses with dormers were a huge Christmas gift hit! Customer Service was exceptional & they both arrived long before Christmas, since I ordered them on Dec. 9th & much to my JOY found that 2 of them were in Stock! One is for our property named” Nature Lover’s Retreat” & the other was for our Elderly friends to enjoy Song and Entertainment in one fell swoop! Thank you so much! The houses are great quality & we cannot wait to get both of them mounted for the birds and all of us to enjoy!
Lorraine S.
CA ,   2013-12-30T10:59:00-05:00
This customer bought:Three Room Cottage Birdhouse
I just received my order and absolutely love both of my birdhouses!!! What quality work!!! As Arnold Schwarzenegger says . . . "I'll be back!!" Thank you Sharon Stewart
Sharon S.
NC ,   2009-10-19T13:59:00-04:00

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