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Amish Bird Houses

Amish Bird Houses

Bring the beauty and majesty of song birds to your home and liven up your yard or garden with our Amish bird houses.

Amish Bird HousesTin Roof Bird House

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Amish Made Birdhouse Cupola with Optional Weathervane
Birdhouse Cupola with Optional Weathervane$153.00

Our birdhouse cupola doubles as a sanctuary for your feathered friends!
Poly Wood Fence Mounted Birdhouses
Poly Wood Fence Mounted Birdhouses$19.00

These attractive birdhouses are Amish handcrafted from recyled poly wood. These mount on a fence or other mounting pole. This birdhouse make a great gift item!
Amish Wooden Small Barn Martin Bird House Six Compartments
Wooden Small Barn Martin Bird House Six Compartments$127.40

Our Amish handcrafted Martin houses are our most popular birdhouses that we sell. This Martin house has six compartment for the beautiful purple Martin swallow birds. You will love watching the purple martins dive into the birdhouse with their...
Amish Made Wooden Log Cabin Birdhouse
Wooden Log Cabin Birdhouse$43.40

Bird watching has remained a favorite hobbie for year and years. Why not start birdwatching in your own backyard with this beautiful Amish handcrafted Log Cabin Birdhouse? Call to order over the phone with one of our helpful sales associates or...
Poly Wood Hexagon Birdhouse
Poly Wood Hexagon Birdhouse$81.20

This birdhouse is Amish handcrafted in a hexagon shape. Please call to order this attractive bird house.
Pine Wood Bird Shaped Hanging Bird Feeder
Pine Wood Bird Shaped Hanging Bird Feeder$42.00

What better way to attract birds and squirrels then this beautiful bird shaped hanging feeder. This bird feeder is Amish handcrafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We offer a wide variety of birdfeeders and bird houses for all types of wild...
Amish Wooden Painted Birdhouse with Cedar Roof
Wooden Painted Birdhouse with Cedar Roof$29.40

This decorative small painted birdhouse is handcrafted with attention to detail by an Amish craftsman in Holmes County, Ohio. With this wooden Amish made birdhouse your wild birds will now have a special home of their own.
Amish Wooden Birdhouse with Porch and Chimney
Wooden Birdhouse with Porch and Chimney$33.60

This adorable birdhouse will be the perfect new home for your wild birds and comes complete with a porch and chimney. This birdhouse is Amish handcrafted and built to hang on a chain. Order online or if you prefer to order over the phone feel...
Amish Wooden Mill Cabin Birdhouse
Wooden Mill Cabin Birdhouse$50.40

Sit back and enjoy watching the birds return over and over to your special Cabin style birdhouse. At DutchCrafters we offer a variety of decorative bird feeders and birdhouses that are sure to attract wild birds that are happy to make a home in...
Amish Wooden Colonial Martin House 14 Compartments
Wooden Colonial Martin House 14 Compartments$189.00

This martin birdhouse has fourteen compartments offering room and board for over a dozen purple martins to nest! Your purple martins will love their roomy, Amish made birdhouse so much they will return to it every year around January. Call...
Amish Wooden Lighthouse Bird Feeder and Birdhouse Combo
Wooden Lighthouse Bird Feeder and Birdhouse Combo$95.20

This Wooden Lighthouse Bird Feeder and Birdhouse Combo is Amish handcrafted in Ohio. This is the perfect gift for that lover of lighthouses. Please call to order or use our secure online check out.
Amish Wooden Primitive Painted Trio Birdhouse
Wooden Primitive Painted Trio Birdhouse$68.60

Get three wooden birdhouses in one with this painted trio birdhouse. Your feathered friends will be three times as appreciative. Bring a rustic look to your yard while adding to your local ecology.
Amish Wooden Primitive Painted Wren Bird House
Wooden Primitive Painted Wren Bird House$29.40

Make friends with local wrens by putting out this rustic wooden wren birdhouse. Your painted birdhouse will be almost as beautiful as the birds. This painted wren house is Amish handcrafted in Holmes County, Ohio.
Amish Handcrafted Wooden Noah's Ark Birdhouse
Handcrafted Wooden Noah's Ark Birdhouse$40.60

You kids will love your favorite bible story represented in the backyard. This decorative Noah's Ark birdhouse is handcrafted with attention to detail by an Amish craftsman. The birds are sure to flock by more than two's to this Amish birdhouse.
Amish Wooden Red Barn Bird House
Wooden Red Barn Bird House$66.00

This red barn birdhouse will bring some color and style to your backyard or garden. Your birds will enjoy making a home in this red barn! Bring a bit of rustic to your yard with our wooden red barn birdhouse - the birds will bring the color.
Amish Bed and Breakfast on Post Birdhouse and Feeder Combo
Bed and Breakfast on Post Birdhouse and Feeder Combo$71.40

Your feathered friends won't find this kind of tree anywhere else. In a single place, they can eat, rest, nest, and bathe! This unique birdhouse and bird feeder brings a rustic look to your yard or garden while providing a service to your local...
Amish Primitive Painted Triple Tin Roof Birdhouse
Primitive Painted Triple Tin Roof Birdhouse$53.20

Host a whole flock of your feathered friends with this triple tin roof birdhouse. This Amish made birdhouse has lots of spots for your birds to nest.
Amish Poly Lumber Deluxe Birdhouse
Poly Lumber Deluxe Birdhouse$299.00

This deluxe birdhouse is made of all poly lumber and stainless steel fasteners. It is designed to sit atop a 4 x 4 post (not included). The Bell roof is covered with untreated copper (treated copper is available as an option. This birdhouse opens...
Cedar Double Planter Bird House
Cedar Double Planter Bird House$42.00

Provide a safe home for your feathered friends while bringing the beauty of flowers and Amish crafts to your home and garden!
Cedar Flower Planter Birdhouse
Cedar Flower Planter Birdhouse$30.63

This Amish-made cedar birdhouse features a built-in flower planter for even additional charm and beauty. Song birds and flowers ... what more could you want.
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Satisfied Amish Furniture Customers

5 Stars all across the rating board! The 2 each 24x12 Birdhouses with dormers were a huge Christmas gift hit! Customer Service was exceptional & they both arrived long before Christmas, since I ordered them on Dec. 9th & much to my JOY found that 2 of them were in Stock! One is for our property named” Nature Lover’s Retreat” & the other was for our Elderly friends to enjoy Song and Entertainment in one fell swoop! Thank you so much! The houses are great quality & we cannot wait to get both of them mounted for the birds and all of us to enjoy!
Lorraine S.
CA ,   2013-12-30T10:59:00-05:00
This customer bought:Three Room Cottage Birdhouse
I just received my order and absolutely love both of my birdhouses!!! What quality work!!! As Arnold Schwarzenegger says . . . "I'll be back!!" Thank you Sharon Stewart
Sharon S.
NC ,   2009-10-19T13:59:00-04:00

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