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Welcome to DutchCrafters Collection of Amish Accent Fences!

Our collection of Accent Fences isn't our largest collection, but rest assured, the quality is still unparalleled! You won't find accent fences built better anywhere else! Each fence is handcrafted by a skilled and experienced Amish craftsmen. Our Amish woodworkers are respected worldwide for their unrivaled understanding of wood and it's characteristics!

DutchCrafters Collection features picket fences, and rail fences. Some fences have designs, while others are simply designed in the classical style! We even have bench fence accents, and fences with built in bird houses!

Bring Joy and Charm to Your Home and Garden with an Amish Accent Fence!

Our Amish Accent Fences are sure to bring warmth and charm to your home and garden! It's truly astonishing how one small accent piece can affect the tone of an entire yard! An Amish Accent Fence has the potential to take an unremarkable, inconspicuous yard, and make it the envy of the entire neighborhood! The rustic beauty of our Amish Accent Fences is quite remarkable, and you'll notice everyday!