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Amish Loveseats

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Arlington Loveseat
Amish Arlington Loveseat
(ID: 13180)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Urban Loveseat Sofa
Amish Urban Loveseat Sofa
(ID: 13189)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mount Hope Mission Love Seat
Amish Mount Hope Mission Love Seat
(ID: 48238)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
American Mission Reclining Loveseat
Amish American Mission Reclining Loveseat
(ID: 44925)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Diamond Loveseat
Amish Diamond Loveseat
(ID: 46583)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Cubic Slat Loveseat
Amish Cubic Slat Loveseat
(ID: 46591)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Cubic Panel Loveseat
Amish Cubic Panel Loveseat
(ID: 46598)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Countryside Mission Loveseat
Amish Countryside Mission Loveseat
(ID: 48280)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Prairie Loveseat
Amish Mission Prairie Loveseat
(ID: 48401)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Moon River Mission Loveseat
Amish Moon River Mission Loveseat
(ID: 4402)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Morris Loveseat
Amish Mission Morris Loveseat
(ID: 5350)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Paradise Mission Reclining Loveseat
Amish Paradise Mission Reclining Loveseat
(ID: 13091)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shaker Loveseat
Amish Shaker Loveseat
(ID: 13198)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Traditional Loveseat Sofa
Amish Traditional Loveseat Sofa
(ID: 13201)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Woodbury Loveseat
Amish Woodbury Loveseat
(ID: 13205)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Urban Shaker Loveseat
Amish Urban Shaker Loveseat
(ID: 13224)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Rustic Hickory Lodge Loveseat
Amish Rustic Hickory Lodge Loveseat
(ID: 41348)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Paneled Mission Recliner Loveseat Sofa
Amish Paneled Mission Recliner Loveseat Sofa
(ID: 44930)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Paneled Mission Morris Loveseat
Amish Paneled Mission Morris Loveseat
(ID: 44933)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Bow Arm Loveseat
Amish Bow Arm Loveseat
(ID: 46502)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Bow Arm Slat Loveseat Glider
Amish Bow Arm Slat Loveseat Glider
(ID: 46555)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Durango Loveseat
Amish Durango Loveseat
(ID: 46576)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Panel Mission Loveseat Recliner with Reclining Power Sofa
Panel Mission Loveseat Recliner with Reclining Power Sofa
(ID: 46628)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Custom Mission Reclining Loveseat with Option of Power Recline
Custom Mission Reclining Loveseat with Option of Power Recline
(ID: 46629)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
McCoy Loveseat
Amish McCoy Loveseat
(ID: 46643)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
McCoy Mission Recliner Loveseat with Power Option
Amish McCoy Mission Recliner Loveseat with Power Option
(ID: 46668)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
High Back Panel Loveseat
Amish High Back Panel Loveseat
(ID: 46678)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
High Back Slat Loveseat
Amish High Back Slat Loveseat
(ID: 46682)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Lancaster Mission Loveseat
Amish Lancaster Mission Loveseat
(ID: 48031)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Leah Mission Loveseat
Amish Leah Mission Loveseat
(ID: 48037)
$199 Shipping Per Order!

upholstered loveseats, handmade in the USA

Amish Loveseats: Everyday Luxury

Handcrafted completely to order in several small Amish woodshops in the northern United States, our wide selection of upholstered loveseats are all designed to bring new dimensions of comfort, relaxation, and beauty to the heart of the family home. Each one brings with it a true sense of everyday luxury built on a solidly handcrafted foundation that's sure to see the piece through as many years of movie nights and coffee dates as the home needs. 

upholstered loveseat

The Woodbury Loveseat's beautifully curved legs bring a sense of traditional artistry to any room.

Truly Yours

While each brings a unique sense of style and presence to its space, each one of our upholstered loveseats is built completely to order. That means that absolutely every piece on your loveseat - from the wood in the base to the fabric on the seats - is chosen by you, giving you the chance to create a piece that matches your precise needs. Whether you're looking for fabric cushions or leather ones, for an oak base or a cherry base, our woodworkers will work with you to ensure that the finished loveseat is a perfect match for the space you have in mind. 

This incredible flexibility also allows us to also draft completely custom dimensions and add or adjust features in close partnership with our woodworkers. If you need something you can't see on our site, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we love a challenge just as much as our woodworkers do, and we would love to work with you to create a unique loveseat that ideally fits your needs.

reclining loveseat

The Skyline Reclining Loveseat brings personalized comfort to time spent together.

New Dimensions of Comfort

In addition to deep cushions and hand-cut upholstery, several of our loveseats also offer recliner chairs for new levels of relaxation and comfort. In these models, each seat comes with its own reclining mechanism, allowing you to enjoy your perfect level of comfort without having to leave the side of a loved one or close friend. 

Additionally, a few of our loveseats - such as the Skyline featured above - can be further customized with an optional motorized reclining mechanism that turns the seat into a wonderful space that reclines at the touch of a button on the included wired remote control box. Each seat in the loveseat will have its own mechanism and remote, while the piece as a whole will need only one wire and one wall socket for power. 

2/23/2017 1:37:23 PM