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Create a distinct living room with an Amish coffee table

by Tom Grimes

Several years ago, builder F. Michael Lorenzo completed a home in Cambria, California, that is marked by a very distinctive, rustic look, and a touch of class created by marble textures and exterior lighting, according to The Tribune.

The outside of the abode is crafted from rough-hewn redwood and cedar shingles, making for a sleek, yet natural appearance. Inside, the rooms were carefully crafted from hand-varnished wood into a very unique shape.

"In some ways, the interior took on a boat-like approach with beautiful black oak, Douglas fir, some mahogany and teak," Lorenzo told the news provider.

A more recent addition is the 350-square-foot studio, which imitates the main home except for its corrugated metal roof, which evokes images of a traditional barn.

The couple who live in the residence have mixed a variety of different furniture, creating a carefree and relaxed atmosphere within a natural setting.

Those who are looking for a dash of rustic beauty for their home should also consider Amish handcrafted furniture, which is built by professional Amish craftsmen. An Amish coffee table can be an understated centerpiece of a living room that conveys a sense of traditional, natural charm and also serves a practical purpose.

1/16/2017 5:55:03 AM