Handcrafted in: Ohio
Items in this collection: Sheds, chicken coops

Two structures that can bring a lot to your property are our Amish made sheds and chicken coops. Both are offered in a variety of sizes and features to best fit your needs.

Durable Chicken Coops

Amish-made chicken coops in this collection offer comfy housing for your chickens, offering sizes that house six, 12 or up to 20 chickens. There’s great value in growing your own vegetables and having chickens for your own egg supply, and Amish woodworkers make these coops attractive and accommodating.

Each Amish made chicken coup comes to your home in easy-to-build kit form. These chicken coups have egg collection boxes along with glass windows that can be opened for ventilation. Wire mesh provides added protection. There are little ramps for your chickens to gain access to their coop with roosts for them inside. Raising chickens is a sustainable practice, and these Amish made chicken coops are built to perform, making it easy to house and care for your chickens safely and comfortably, and collect eggs easily. What a great way for the family to enjoy breakfast by collecting eggs of your own and making breakfast together!

Solid Sheds

Durable outdoor sheds are also part of this collection. Whether you are looking for a she shed, man cave, or a strong and solid shed to store outdoor tools and appliances, we have the custom made shed for you.

These sheds from Amish country are delivered in panelized form, meaning the walls are pre-assembled in 4’ sections along with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

Attention is paid to every detail of these expertly built sheds. From small to large to extra-large, they’re  available in a wide variety of sizes to provide just the storage space you’re looking for. There are lots of fun features to consider for our Amish made sheds, including adding ramps, transom windows, cupolas, flower boxes and weathervanes.

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