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Sofas & Sectionals

American Made sofas, American Made loveseats, American made sectionals, Amish sofas, Amish loveseats, Amish reclining loveseats

There's no feeling quite like returning home and letting yourself sink back into a deep, inviting sofa or sectional. We have a little something for everyone - from solid wood handcrafted Amish sofas, loveseats, and sectionals to American Made contemporary pieces as well. Give your living room the much needed upgrade it deserves!

Mission Morris Loveseat
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Amish Mission Morris Loveseat
from $1,886
Moon River Mission Sofa
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Amish Moon River Mission Sofa
from $1,956
Slat-Arm Mission Morris Sofa
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Amish Slat-Arm Mission Morris Sofa
from $2,368
McCoy Sofa
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Amish McCoy Sofa
from $2,304
McCoy Mission Recliner Loveseat with Power Option
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Amish McCoy Mission Recliner Loveseat with Power Option
from $1,734
McCoy Reclining Sofa with Power Recline Option
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Amish McCoy Reclining Sofa with Power Recline Option
from $2,194
Mission Prairie Sofa Bed
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Amish Mission Prairie Sofa Bed
from $2,069
Arlington Sofa
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Amish Arlington Sofa
from $1,932.30
Woodbury Sofa
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Amish Woodbury Sofa
from $1,892.40
American Mission Reclining Sofa
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Amish American Mission Reclining Sofa
from $3,192
Leah Mission Sofa
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Amish Leah Mission Sofa
from $2,304.20
Versailles Sofa
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Amish Versailles Sofa
from $2,316
Empire Sofa
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Amish Empire Sofa
from $1,956
Arlington Loveseat
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Amish Arlington Loveseat
from $1,730.90
Mount Hope Mission Sofa
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Amish Mount Hope Mission Sofa
from $1,882.90
Rustic Hickory Lodge Sofa
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Amish Rustic Hickory Lodge Sofa
from $1,599
American Mission Reclining Loveseat
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Amish American Mission Reclining Loveseat
from $2,180
McCoy Loveseat
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Amish McCoy Loveseat
from $1,806
High Back Panel Sofa
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Amish High Back Panel Sofa
from $2,008
Empire Loveseat
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Amish Empire Loveseat
from $1,462
Gateway Sofa
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Amish Gateway Sofa
from $2,356
Handcrafted Urban Sofa
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Amish Handcrafted Urban Sofa
from $1,989.30
Urban Loveseat Sofa
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Amish Urban Loveseat Sofa
from $1,808.80
Woodbury Loveseat
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Amish Woodbury Loveseat
from $1,719.50
Mission Futon Bed
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Amish Mission Futon Bed
from $2,262
Bow Arm Sofa
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Amish Bow Arm Sofa
from $1,956
Diamond Loveseat
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Amish Diamond Loveseat
from $2,132
Cubic Slat Loveseat
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Amish Cubic Slat Loveseat
from $1,568
Cubic Slat Sofa
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Amish Cubic Slat Sofa
from $1,916
Cubic Panel Loveseat
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Amish Cubic Panel Loveseat
from $1,612

American Made Sofas and Loveseats:

Comfort in the Heart of the Home

Our sets of handcrafted Amish living room seating - including full matching ranges of reclining loveseats, upholstered reclining sofas, and more - are designed to provide the family home with decades of comfort built into solid wood frames that won't ever go out of style. Every one of our pieces is built by hand to order right here in the United States, promising fully American stewardship and quality from the woodshop to delivery while providing customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where their furniture comes from.

Sit Back and Relax: Reclining Masterpieces

Amish sofas and loveseats are celebrated not only for their heirloom-quality construction and timeless beauty, but for their sturdiness and strength. Our range of reclining loveseats and sofas offer an unparalleled level of comfort and reliability, with each one sliding you back into a new world of comfort on hand-inspected mechanisms that promise to stand up to year after year of use and enjoyment. 

Reclining sofas and loveseats make the perfect addition to the family living room, offering new dimensions of relaxation for movie nights, game days, and long evenings with books or favorite magazines. Whether alone or with family or friends, the world-leading comfort offered by our range of matching loveseats and sofas is designed to offer unyielding support that lets you and yours concentrate on creating decades of happy family memories and traditions.

Make It Yours: Unique Upholstery for Unique Spaces

Here at DutchCrafters, we are proud to offer custom hand-cut upholstery in either leather or fabric on the vast majority of our sofas and loveseats. Our leathers run the gamut from bright whites all the way to classically deep blacks, while our fabrics are available in a range of patterns and shades that runs from the classical to the contemporary, with stops at every point in between. We're also very happy to send you physical samples of any of our fabrics or leathers at no extra cost, just to ensure that you know your choice is exactly right for the room and the home.

Here For You

We would love to talk with you about what one of our beautiful pieces of living room seating brings to the home. If you've any questions at all, please don't hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email at any time. Our in-house furniture assistants have had the opportunity to travel to our Amish woodshops and test these exceptional pieces out first hand, giving them insight into the best choices for family homes of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to bring your vision to life in its every detail.

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