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Amish Sofas

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Rustic Hickory Lodge Sofa
Amish Rustic Hickory Lodge Sofa
(ID: 41347)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Slat-Arm Mission Morris Sofa
Amish Slat-Arm Mission Morris Sofa
(ID: 44927)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
McCoy Sofa
Amish McCoy Sofa
(ID: 46646)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Moon River Mission Sofa
Amish Moon River Mission Sofa
(ID: 4397)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Arlington Sofa
Amish Arlington Sofa
(ID: 13175)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
American Mission Reclining Sofa
Amish American Mission Reclining Sofa
(ID: 44926)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Cubic Panel Sofa
Amish Cubic Panel Sofa
(ID: 46599)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Slat Mission Recliner Sofa with Power Recline Sofa Option
Slat Mission Recliner Sofa with Power Recline Sofa Option
(ID: 46630)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
High Back Panel Sofa
Amish High Back Panel Sofa
(ID: 46676)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Cranberry Sofa
Amish Cranberry Sofa
(ID: 54030)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Paradise Mission Reclining Sofa
Amish Paradise Mission Reclining Sofa
(ID: 13090)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Handcrafted Urban Sofa
Amish Handcrafted Urban Sofa
(ID: 13188)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Traditional Sofa
Amish Traditional Sofa
(ID: 13200)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Countryside Mission Sofa
Amish Countryside Mission Sofa
(ID: 48279)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Morris Sofa
Amish Mission Morris Sofa
(ID: 5351)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Shaker Sofa
Amish Shaker Sofa
(ID: 13195)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mount Hope Mission Sofa
Amish Mount Hope Mission Sofa
(ID: 13204)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Urban Shaker Sofa
Amish Urban Shaker Sofa
(ID: 13226)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Mission Futon Bed
Amish Mission Futon Bed
(ID: 15363)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Woodbury Sofa
Amish Woodbury Sofa
(ID: 44573)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Paneled Mission Recliner Sofa
Amish Paneled Mission Recliner Sofa
(ID: 44931)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Paneled Mission Morris Sofa
Amish Paneled Mission Morris Sofa
(ID: 44932)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Bow Arm Sofa
Amish Bow Arm Sofa
(ID: 46507)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Durango Sofa
Amish Durango Sofa
(ID: 46579)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Diamond Sofa
Amish Diamond Sofa
(ID: 46585)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Cubic Slat Sofa
Amish Cubic Slat Sofa
(ID: 46593)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
McCoy Reclining Sofa with Power Recline Option
Amish McCoy Reclining Sofa with Power Recline Option
(ID: 46669)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
High Back Slat Sofa
Amish High Back Slat Sofa
(ID: 46683)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Hesston Sofa
Amish Hesston Sofa
(ID: 48025)
$199 Shipping Per Order!
Lancaster Mission Sofa
Amish Lancaster Mission Sofa
(ID: 48030)
$199 Shipping Per Order!

custom upholstered sofas, made in the USA

Amish Sofas: Generations of Quality

We couldn't be more proud of our wide range of custom handcrafted upholstered sofas. Each one is built completely to order in one of five specialist Amish woodshops we work with in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. From their solid wood frames to their supportive seating springs and hand-cut, hand-laid upholstery, each of our Amish sofas brings generations of beauty and comfort to the heart of the family home.

custom upholstered sofa, made in the USA

The Mount Hope Mission Sofa's subtle Mission style and deep, supportive cushions make it a customer favorite.

Effortless Support

Each one of our sofas comes standard with some of the most luxurious and durable seating options available on the market today. Whether you choose a model with a fiber bonded base on a criss-cross net or a different model that uses noise-free springs and thick foam to give seating experiences that are just the right combination of supple and supportive every time, your Amish sofa is guaranteed to bring decades of seamless comfort to any space that needs it. Plus, every cushion will be upholstered completely by hand in a material of your choosing, with many models also featuring reversible back and seat cushions that allow you to really extend the life of the beautiful fabric included with each sofa cushion.

upholstered sofa cushions

The Paradise Mission Reclining Sofa, like several others, features the smart seating design detailed in this cut-out image.

Full Body Relaxation

In addition to our regular sofas, we're pleased to be able to offer a full range of reclining sofas that provide effortlessly relaxing experiences at any time of day. Each reclining sofa features three individually-reclining seats, offering the whole family the chance to enjoy truly personalized comfort without having to put distance between themselves. Family time should be time spent together - and that's what these sofas are designed to provide for.

Additionally, several of our reclining sofas also offer optional motorized reclining mechanisms that allow you to adjust the seat's position at the touch of a button. The mechanisms are attached only to the two outermost seats on the sofa, with the middle remaining stationary. Each mechanism comes with its own remote control box for a fully personalized experience, and thanks to a smart Y-shaped wire design, both mechanized seats run from the same single power socket.

upholstered reclining sofa, made in the USA

The Skyline Panel Reclining Sofa can be customized to include a motorized reclining mechanism for perfect relaxation.

A Warm Welcome

While our Amish sofas are natural companions in the family living room, their infinitely customizable designs and variable looks also make them wonderful choices for the office or reception. If you're looking for a place for clients or customers to enjoy while meeting with you or waiting for a service - or if you're simply looking for a time-proof spot for going over reports or notes in your own office - it would be hard to find a better choice than one of our sofas. Simply replace the warm-toned upholstery seen in the photos above with a dark leather or fabric and a darker wood stain, and viola! An upholstered sofa that's equal parts comfortable seat, office decor, and talking point.

upholstered leather sofa

The Mission Morris Slat-Arm Sofa has the versatility it needs to serve in either the home or the office.

Complete American Craftsmanship

Each one of our sofas is built completely to order. That means that when you make an order with us, the woodworkers in your chosen shop will get to work on building every aspect of your sofa - from the frame, to the cushions, to the reclining mechanisms - completely from scratch and to your specifications. The step-by-step nature of this process means that if you need customizations of any kind, from different dimensions to new features to upholstery material not listed on our site, we'll be able to work with our Amish craftsmen to ensure that your vision is brought to life in its every detail. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone or by email at any time to chat about your order, about custom changes, or just about what kind of sofa it is that will best fit your needs. We love a challenge almost as much as our woodworkers do, and we love nothing more in life than seeing the perfect piece of furniture find its way to the perfect people. 

2/23/2017 1:36:42 PM