A Guide to Amish Porch Swings

Seth Carter 11/04/2024

Amish porch swings come in all shapes and sizes. With the wide variety of options available, you might wonder how you choose the right outdoor swing.

The first step is understanding the ins and outs of Amish porch swings. Consider this your comprehensive guide to outdoor swings.

Topics Covered:

  1. Porch Swing Weight Limits
  2. Swing Sizes
  3. Construction Materials
  4. Swing Styles

Don’t forget to check out our guide to hanging a porch swing.

How Much Weight Can a Porch Swing Hold?  

Most of our porch swings have weight limits of 300-600 lbs. It is important to check the weight limit of each individual swing for correct weight capacities. Remember, various Amish builders make our outdoor swings; not all are the same. Some swing chains and hangers may hold higher limits than others.

Porch Swing Sizes 

Porch swings come in a variety of standard sizes. While the depths can vary quite a bit, you will generally find a standard selection of widths. Outdoor swings are sized as follows:  

  • Single Seat Swings 
  • 3-Foot Outdoor Swings
  • 4-Foot Outdoor Swings
  • 5-Foot Outdoor Swings

What Material is Best for an Outdoor Swing? 

There are several answers to this question. Below are some popular and effective materials used to construct outdoor swings.

  • Recycled Poly
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Other woods like hickory, teak, or oak

Why Recycled Poly is a Great Material for Outdoor Swings

Poly patio swings are made from recycled plastic. Poly is a phenomenal choice for outdoor swings because it resists mildew, fading, rot, and insects in all weather. Poly is easy to clean, and since it is made from recycled plastic, it’s got an eco-friendly touch.  

Why Cedar Wood is a Great Material for Outdoor Swings

Cedar is resistant to decay and insects, making it a great outdoor swing choice. Cedar has natural oils that repel insects, making cedar liners popular in chests and drawers.  

Many people select a cedar outdoor swing because of the unique beauty of the natural cedar wood. Cedar offers a naturally rustic look thanks to the frequency of the knots in the wood.  

Outdoor furniture and structures must be low maintenance and weather resistant, or they won’t last long in the elements. Cedar does not require treatment as often as other woods. Thanks to cedar’s resistance to insects and weather, its natural beauty, and low maintenance, cedar has long been a popular selection for fences, decks, outdoor swings, outdoor patio furniture, siding, and plenty of other structures that remain exposed to the elements.

While cedar is more weather and rot-resistant than most wood species, we still recommend applying a treatment every couple of years, maximizing the life of your outdoor swing.  

Cedar is lightweight compared to most woods. This makes it an ideal material for outdoor swings or furniture that might need to be moved around. Don’t let the light weight fool you; cedar is very durable!  

Why Pine and Other Woods are Great Materials for Outdoor Swings

Pressure-treated pine is weather-resistant and has the strength necessary for a sturdy outdoor swing.  

You will also find outdoor swings and furniture made from teak, hickory (pictured below), and oak.

Different Types of Porch and Patio Swings

You can find the following style of outdoor swings under our “classic” selection. Many of the swing types below fall under the classification of bench swing. Like stationary outdoor benches, these come in all sorts of styles. Bench swings can have different back styles and seat multiple people.

  • Adirondack Swings
  • Rollback Swings
  • Fanback Swings
  • Straightback Swings
  • Swing Chairs
  • Outdoor Swings with Stands
  • Swing Beds

Adirondack Swing 

The Adirondack swing is shaped like the wildly popular outdoor Adirondack chair. The Adirondack-style swing is designed to create maximum comfort and relaxation. The slope of the seat and the curve of the back have helped make the Adirondack-style seat a staple in outdoor furniture. Now, take the enjoyment and tranquility of the Adirondack chair and add the gentle glide of a swing with a nice breeze. Does life get any better than that?  

Rollback Porch Swing 

Rollback swings roll with the contour of the human back. Instant relaxation moves through your body in waves when you sink into the warm embrace of the rollback design. Small slats are rolled around the swing frame from the seat up the backrest. The edges of the seats are gently rounded for your comfort. Amish-made rollback swings are built to last yet designed for comfort.

These swings are so pleasant it is hard to believe they are made of solid and durable materials like pine, cedar, or poly. After a hard day, you’ll look forward to enjoying an evening breeze in your rollback swing.

Fanback Porch Swing 

The fanback-style swing is more of an aesthetic. It is like the straight-back swing, but the slats are slanted out from the middle, creating the look of an old-fashioned European flabellum. The fan back design resembles the rays of a setting sun, making it the perfect swing to enjoy sunsets from your patio or porch.  

Straightback Porch Swing 

The straight-back swing is a classic bench swing. The simple design represents the lifestyle of the Amish who constructed it. You can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true classic.  

Outdoor Swing Chair 

Don’t overthink this one. It is self-explanatory. A swing chair is a chair that is a swing. An easy way to find these would be to filter out our swings by the single-seaters. To save you time, I’ve filtered out our Amish single-seat swing chairs for you. Now, you can find some double and triple seaters, as well. What sets the Swing Chair style apart is that it resembles a chair more than a bench.

Outdoor Swing with Stand 

As we covered in a previous post, hanging a swing from your porch ceiling requires a lot of preparation and careful consideration. If you don’t want to mess around with the logistics of hanging a swing on the porch, you can always go with a swing stand! The swing stand is great because it lets you choose your swing’s placement. It can be on the porch, near the garden, or under your favorite tree!

Check out our swing stands here.

Outdoor Swing Beds 

Swing beds offer more depth than a standard bench swing so you have room to give yourself over to the Sandman’s spell. We have a wonderful selection of daybed swings with comfortable cushions. Check out our entire selection of swing beds here.

You can hang your swing bed from the porch ceiling or maybe our beautiful Priscilla Pergola with Poly Swing Bed is the missing piece to completing your garden or backyard’s vibe.


We hope this helps explain and define some of the different styles of Amish Outdoor Swings here at DutchCrafters. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. You can also contact one of our Amish furniture specialists for assistance.

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    Hello Pat, thank you for your comment and congrats on your new Amish swing! We work with several Amish builders who make outdoor swings. Here is our guide to protecting and caring for outdoor wood furniture. I hope that helps. Enjoy your swing!

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