How to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture Colors 

Seth Carter 28/03/2024

If you take outdoor living seriously, making it cozy is key to finding happiness in your backyard. You need to consider several things when deciding which pieces of outdoor furniture will bring you the most joy in your leisure time. You must consider comfort, quality, construction material, outdoor furniture styles, and colors. 

Here, we will focus on color selection. Which colors you select will depend on your vision, theme, background, and perhaps even what kind of furniture you have inside your house. 

Different Types of Color Schemes

This post will make several references to different types of color schemes. If you are getting serious about your color choices, ensure you are familiar with the color wheel. You may remember the color wheel from elementary school art (or was it high school?) with incredible clarity. However, for those who do not, feel free to reintroduce yourself to the color wheel. Don’t worry if you can’t remember, I couldn’t even remember if we learned about it in high school or grade school.

Why is it important to understand the color wheel when selecting furniture colors? Understanding the rules of the color wheel can prevent you from clashing colors or breaking other basic color scheme design rules.

Monochromatic Color Scheme: This is where your theme has many shades of one color.

Analogous Color Scheme: This is when you select one main color and then two colors directly next to it on the wheel. This prevents high-contrast color schemes since all of the selected colors will be near one another on the color wheel.

Complementary Color Scheme: This scheme is referenced and suggested often. Complementary colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel, like red and green… you’re welcome Christmas. The best way to utilize this scheme is to pick a color as your primary color and then (drum roll…) COMPLEMENT it with the complementary color working as an accent.

There are several other types of color schemes to work with, such as split complementary, square, triadic, and rectangle. You can read more about the color wheel and schemes in this helpful article by our friends at Hubspot.

Choosing the right colors to extend your indoor living space outdoors 

A very popular trend in outdoor furniture is to make it feel like an extension of your indoor decor. People take great pride in their property, both indoors and out. If you fill your home with solid wood Amish furniture, it only makes sense to keep up the motif outdoors.  

As we move toward a more luxurious experience with outdoor furniture, we are moving away from lower-quality products. This is where Amish-made outdoor furniture comes into play. DutchCrafters’ array of handcrafted, premium outdoor furniture products makes our furniture a perfect fit to extend your indoor living to the outdoors.

Upgrading to a better-quality product makes your outdoor living space look nicer, last longer, and provides more comfort.  

You’ll want to use colors that complement your indoor scheme to create an impeccable transition between your indoor and outdoor furniture. To make your outdoor living space feel like an extension of what is in your house, make sure the colors (and styles) either match (analogous*) or complement (complementary*) the overall color scheme. 

*Refer to your color wheel and color scheme guide.

Harmonize Your Patio Furniture with Your House’s Exterior Color Scheme

Since the outdoor furniture will be viewed as a part of the home’s exterior, many people elect to coordinate the colors with the scheme of the house’s exterior. There are a lot of colors and tones to consider. The siding, shutters, painted areas, and garden spaces can play into finding the perfect colors for your outdoor scheme.

Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Colors to Create a Tropical Oasis 

You may want the outside to be a separate experience from the inside. Some people opt to go with a tropical theme, so it feels like a mini vacation every time they step on the patio. Adirondack chairs in turquoise or orange are trendy choices to capture the essence of the beach in your backyard. Choose from vibrant, bright colors like yellow and shades of blue, green, and red to give your patio a tropical feel.  

The Flexibility of Natural Earth-Tone Colors in Outdoor Furniture 

In recent years, natural, earthy tones have been trending for indoor and outdoor furniture. The great thing about these organic hues is that they can fit a modern sophistication or blend seamlessly into a beach theme. Many of the tans, browns, and grays offered on our Amish outdoor furniture preserve the essence of driftwood, sand, and trees. The natural shades are the preferred colors for a rustic look.

Choosing Bright or Dark Colors for Outdoor Furniture

If you are leaning toward the natural browns and shades of weathered wood, make sure you consider the surroundings. Some trees, bushes, or fences provide a dark backdrop and make the furniture almost blend into the environment. If you have a dark background or natural setting, you might want to consider going with a bright tropical color or even a white or off-white. This will highlight the furniture. The contrast will make it pop against a dark setting.


Check out our amazing selection of outdoor furniture colors and explore all the options to find the right choice for your outdoor setting. If you are unsure of how a brown Adirondack chair will mesh with the color of your fence, or you are simply on the fence about two colors, you can consult with one of our Amish furniture specialists to provide you with expert insights.

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