Nursery Furniture Essentials

Beth Rice 12/01/2023

Preparing a nursery for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time. As you look to equip the room with the comfort and storage needed, follow this helpful guide that will lead you to the top three nursery furniture essentials.

Sleep, store and sway. These are the three main goals of your nursery furniture essentials. Your baby needs a comfy, safe place to sleep. You need storage for baby clothes, bedding and supplies, and the two of you need the right seat for all the time you’ll be spending together for feeding, cuddling and soothing during the night. The three main nursery furniture essentials are the crib, the changing table dresser, and a comfy chair.

You’ll want to measure your space first to see what will fit best. You don’t want the nursery crowded with furniture. It’s important to leave some floor room for playing and walking.

The Crib

First, you’ll need a crib. It’s recommended to always buy your crib new, so there’s no concern about inheriting wear and tear that could contribute to a wobbly frame. Be sure the crib meets all US safety standards. A new, solid wood crib is expensive, but worth investing in. It can be used again if you’re planning on more children, and convertible cribs can see your child through to young adulthood. Many convertible crib models transition from crib to toddler bed to full size beds.

Amish Delray Crib Toddler Bed
The Delray Crib converted to a toddler bed.
Delray Full Bed
The Delray converted to a full bed.

With a convertible crib, one side can be removed and a safety rail added, transforming the crib into a toddler bed. Many models go on to be used as a twin bed as well. This saves you money and is a piece of furniture that can grow with your child.

Amish Caroline Toddler Bed
Amish Caroline Crib converted to toddler bed.

Some cribs feature adjustable mattress heights. The higher position is used for newborns, allowing you to reach them more comfortably. Then the mattress can be lowered when the baby gets a little bigger and is able to roll, then the lowest position is used once they are able to sit up.

Remember not to position the crib too close to windows, heating/cooling vents, light switches, or power cords.

Some other options for sleeping include the bassinet and the cradle. Bassinets are light and portable. They’re a temporary sleeping solution and let you have the baby close in your bedroom. The classic cradle is wonderful for rocking and soothing your baby, and can be used for naps or nighttime.

The Changing Table

Look for a changing table that offers storage. You’ll want room for diapers, wipes, onesies, ointments, and lotions you can keep within reach. Depending on how much space you have, you can opt for a freestanding changing table with separate dresser, or, if space is an issue, you may want a dresser you can add a changing pad to. If you do get a freestanding changing table, it can be converted to a storage piece for toys, books and other items later on.

If you want to save space and combine the changing table and storage, there are dressers that offer space to add and secure a changing pad on top. Whether changing table and dresser or a combination of the two, adjustable shelves are a feature that comes in handy, creating storage that grows along with your child.

The Dresser

The dresser provides more of the storage you’ll need for baby clothes, bedding, toys and accessories. Remember, if you have less space to work with, a taller dresser makes use of vertical space instead.

Many dresser models offer room so you can use them as both a dresser and changing table. Simply add a changing pad. And this will save you space from getting two separate pieces for changing and storage. Solid wood dressers can grow with your child right into young adulthood and beyond.

The Nursery Chair

This is the chair for feedings, readings, singing, rocking, cuddling, soothing, and dozing off. The nursery chair can be a rocker or glider to offer that smooth sway that comforts baby. Look for one with fabric that’s durable and easy to clean. You’re looking for good arm and back support for this chair. Arm rests should feel  supportive, and padded arm rests are even better. Be sure it’s spacious enough and the back height is satisfactory. While this chair is an investment, remember it can be moved to another area of the house later on.

There are all kinds of chairs that can serve here. Some are stationary, some are gliders and rockers. It’s up to you if you’d like to add a footstool for additional comfort. While rockers and gliders are popular, some prefer stationary chairs.

Nursery Furniture Sets

The main advantages to nursery furniture sets are that everything matches in a style you love, and you save some money getting the set versus individual pieces. Investing in a nursery set saves you time shopping around for different pieces. Nursery sets usually include a crib, dresser and changing table.

Amish Made Wood Furniture for Nursery

Nursery furniture made in Amish country is solid wood and handcrafted. It’s going to be an heirloom piece. Cribs, dressers and gliders built in an Amish woodshop can be passed on and used for future generations, even for your children’s children!

Amish made nursery furniture will feature dovetailed drawers and corner blocks that contribute to its durability, and you can customize it by choosing from a variety of wood types and stain colors.

Your nursery furniture needs to work hard. Investing in the best quality now pays off in time.  Have the best of both worlds with nursery furniture essentials that are both durable and beautiful.

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