Will My Stain Color Match the Photo on My Screen? A DutchCrafters FAQ

Will the color of my finished furniture match the picture on my screen? While the photos of samples on our website is a great place to start, there is no way to guarantee that the final color will match the photo on your screen. There are simply too many variables. Each camera takes photos slightly differently, and each screen displays colors uniquely. Additionally, wood tones appear quite different depending on the color of the light shining on it–from the blue of a computer screen or the sun to the yellow of electric lights. In this video, Beth explains the reasons your final color will vary from the photos, and what you can do to ensure that you’re happy with the finish of your furniture. For example, we always recommend that our customers order stain samples to see the differences in wood tone in their home. We also offer stain matching, where you send in an example of a wood tone for us to match. Order stain samples today! Transcript: Will my stain color match the picture on my screen? Although the picture on your screen is a good place to start, we can’t guarantee the photo on your screen will match the final color of the wood. There are many factors that affect the color of a photo viewed on your screen. Every screen is different and every camera captures color a little differently. You may not notice, but sunlight is typically a much bluer light than the lightbulbs in your home. Lightbulb colors will vary based on the type of bulb, so stain samples and furniture will look different depending on their native lighting conditions. While we can’t guarantee complete color accuracy to match what’s on your screen, there’s something we can do to make sure you get the color you want, and that’s offering your choice of stain samples. We are happy to send you samples by mail to work with at your home or business. This way you can see them in person, hold them up to other furniture and get familiar with how they look in your lighting. Stain samples are a representation of the color, and your finished product might not be an exact match even to the sample, but stain samples are an easy way to choose the best color for your new furniture. If you want to match the color of a piece in your home, but none of our samples do it for you, talk to a furniture specialist about stain matching! We’ll ask you to send in a piece of your furniture, such as a door or drawer front, and our finish shops can try to match that exact color. Call us today, or go to dutchcrafters.com, to order your stain samples.

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