Do You Make Custom Furniture? | A DutchCrafters FAQ

Find your customized furniture at DutchCrafters! As an interior designer that we worked with said, “DutchCrafters knows the art of custom furniture.” Custom solid wood furniture is our specialty. Start with our standard options, including size, wood type, finish, and hardware, and then talk to us about any further customization requests. We can re-size a piece for you, have it inscribed with your name, and even add hidden drawers. Don’t hesitate to ask whether we can make your ideas a reality. Built on Mennonite values and with an appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the Amish people, we are proud to offer custom Amish furniture nationwide via our website, Our focus is on providing bench built furniture that’s made to order, specifically for you. This custom American made furniture is not mass produced. It’s designed for durability and comfort, not speed or cheap labor. Visit and discover what custom furniture can do for you!

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Transcript:  Hello and welcome to DutchCrafters FAQ. Today’s question: What if I’d like to customize my solid wood furniture? As an interior designer who has worked with us once said, “We’re dealing with professionals here that know the art of custom furniture.” Customizations are what we’re here for and they’re part of what we do best! Nearly all of our products are made to order–most with a number of standard options to choose from, including product size, hardware, wood type, and finish color, just to name a few. And if those options don’t do the job for you, we can almost always arrange for additional customization for an added fee. We often re-size furniture for customers who need it to fit a small space or fill a large space. You may want deeper drawers or a hidden drawer. Don’t hesitate to bring your ideas to us, and we will do everything we can to make them a reality. It all starts with a call or email. Call us at 866-272-6773 or email us from the contact us page at I’m Beth Rice from DutchCrafters. Thank you for watching.

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