A Year of Happy Testimonials: Thank You DutchCrafters Customers

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us remain the number one online retailer of Amish furniture. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for trusting us with your business. Here are just a few of our many satisfied customers sharing what they love about DutchCrafters. In this video, Edward and Brenda share about how much they love their DutchCrafters custom furniture in their dream home(https://youtu.be/9amJZ_8vZYU). Debra talks about her unique dining set she was able to order from DutchCrafters. DutchCrafters supplied poly furniture to the Detroit Tigers and then to Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. Both Janet and James are thrilled with the poly furniture at their homes. Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa manager Charles thinks DutchCrafters furniture is perfect for their environment. And finally, interior designer Lorraine Blais said that we “know the art of custom furniture”. We’re so pleased with how much each of them loves their custom handcrafted furniture. We hope you are just as happy with yours. Welcome to the DutchCrafters family, and thank you for trusting us with your heirloom quality Amish furniture. https://www.dutchcrafters.com Transcript: Here at DutchCrafters we are honored to have helped over 9000 customers receive their heirloom quality Amish furniture over this past year. Here are just a few of them. This is our dream home, and we wanted to make sure that we furnished it with the things that we really, really loved. … So I wanted to have an experience where we could get EXACTLY what we wanted. I really wanted a lot of choice. I wanted to be able to pick the exact color I wanted it to be, the wood type I wanted it to be. I also knew that I was going to need a pretty unique piece for the large amount of storage I wanted in really the small space that I had. In 2016, the city of Lakeland, Florida embarked on a massive stadium renovation for the Detroit Tigers spring training facility. DutchCrafters supplied the stadium’s specialty seating areas with Poly outdoor furniture. The furniture came to the Mennonite Church USA convention in Orlando this summer, then was brought home after the convention. One of the great things about this furniture is that it’s so versatile. … It works either inside or outside. When guests come to my house first they admire the house, then the view, and then this poly outdoor furniture from DutchCrafters. When I look out my back window, it feels like I’m in a tropical Caribbean resort. I just can’t believe I live here. These rustic picnic tables create a fun outdoor environment where family & friends can gather and enjoy craft beer. What I like to have here is multiple areas for guests to relax and come together. … I think your furniture is perfect for our environment. … We were looking for something that was going to be much more durable and last a long time and be a quality product for our guests to enjoy and use while they’re here. So I knew that any piece I chose, that it was going to be a high quality piece that was finished with love and so that’s why I would recommend DutchCrafters to anyone interested in high quality furniture. You are going to have a great experience with DutchCrafters. You will not be disappointed. We are just so grateful to have this. It’s been a wonderful thing for our community and we would definitely recommend DutchCrafters to other people. We made the right decision based on the service we were provided and the quality of product we received, and we do anticipate making future purchases with DutchCrafters. I had a client that had a brand new home and when I did my homework and did my research and found DutchCrafters, I immediately said, “This is the people that I need to go to, to get the finished look that I want. We’re dealing with professionals here that know the art of custom furniture. … So we ended up with almost a whole house full of furniture from DutchCrafters, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m ecstatic about our new furniture. It is absolutely beautiful. When people come in, we’re just overjoyed to show them the furniture. … And the rest of the furniture in the house we like too, but because that was built just for us, that makes it really special. We’re excited for you to join our family of satisfied customers like Lorraine, Edward & Brenda, the Detroit Tigers, and so many more. Thank you for helping us remain the number one retailer of Amish furniture online.

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